Hello world!

Welcome to The Pursuit.

This is a haven where I will discover, develop, and divulge in the things (for lack of a more specific word to encapsulate all that it should) that make life worth living. Mainly, this is my journey to appreciate all that I have in life that makes me happy, as well as discover what other experiences or pursuits will add to that happiness. It’s not that I am not content with the current state of my life, it’s just that I am on The Pursuit to better myself each and every day that I am alive. That could be in a number of ways, from professionally, educationally, physically, spiritually, mentally, economically, socially, to any “-ally” that one person could potentially better themselves.

Throughout The Pursuit, I will explore my dreams and aspirations and work through (or jump over) the roadblocks that may prevent me from realizing them. Since The Pursuit for anyone is all about achieving their dreams, and establishing their goals or priorities, I feel it is important to share what mine at this time in my life are…

  1. Find my “dream job”
  2. Contribute to the world’s happiness
  3. Improve my health (physical/mental)
  4. Pursue further education (MBA/see #1)
  5. Improve socioeconomic status (reduce my “bill” to the gov’t)
  6. Live near the beach (someday)
  7. Recover from my addiction to sequins (just kidding.)

Though most of these seem self-centric, I want it to be known that to me #1 and #2 go hand in hand. It is very important to me to be able to help people in any way that I can. The goal of The Pursuit is to track my own progress but also to motivate or facilitate others’ to achieve the same happiness by finding their own Pursuit. If I can inspire another person to yield the same confident spirit that I have lacked for so long in order to better themselves, then this wouldn’t be for naught.

As my byline suggests, The Pursuit is all about the appreciation and discovery of things that make people happy. For me, that is having Fun (duh), expressing myself through Fashion, pushing myself to prioritize and achieve a Healthy lifestyle, and all in all, recognizing my own personal Happiness. It is a Lifestyle blog where I will explore myself through daily interaction with brands, inspirational people, fashion trends, life events, experiences, media of varying platforms, fitness trends, indulgences, etc…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

In the spirit of full-disclosure, I am not receiving any financial benefit from any of the company’s that I choose to endorse on The Pursuit. I am a full-time employee with a company that sells beer and they are the only company responsible for maintaining my bank account.  I feel it is important to distinguish that any reviews I post about products are solely included because I have personally benefited in some way from using the product and my reviews will be candid, not biased.

With that said, join me on The Pursuit.


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