Brands I Love: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

As with many other fashionistas on a budget, the collaboration between Lilly Pulitzer and Target was an exciting announcement. I stalked the lookbook as soon as it was posted to Refinery29. I pictured myself heading to the beach or relaxing by the pool this summer in every single one of the items. I put together a mental list of the floral items I planned to order off of the website early in the morning on Sunday, April 19th.

As with many other fashionistas on a budget, my desire to own a few of the limited edition pieces was almost trampled on by the myriad of ladies lined up outside of Target nearly 40 minutes before opening on Sunday. Upon learning that the website wasn’t able to keep up with the heavy traffic, my sister in law and I decided at 7:45am to head to Target after we finished our breakfast. That was a mistake.

When we arrived, each display (which were very limited at this particular store) had been picked clean besides an iPhone case (that was broken) and some of the adorable, but not practical for my apartment sans balcony, metallic gold string ball lights in the outdoor living department. We walked past the dressing room and the line of lucky ladies who were waiting to try on their treasured items, decided it just wasn’t meant to be, & picked up the rest of the items we needed. Thankfully, my sister in law recommended walking past the women’s department again to see if any of the pieces that didn’t work may have been put back. Fingers crossed.

To my surprise, there were two items that were returned and I was happy to give them a home. The Satin Flounce Dress in Sea Urchin For You and the Satin Jumpsuit in Boom Boom certainly add more fun to my closet. I am anxiously awaiting beautiful summer weather to don these big, bold prints. The Satin Jumpsuit is a bit of a style stretch for me, but I am looking forward to finding the perfect accessories to make this piece my own.


A part of me wasn’t surprised that this collaboration brought on so much excitement, but I never expected (nor did Target) for all of the pieces to be sold out of stores and online within 1 day. According to Fortune, Target had expected to sell out of all of the items, but for the collection to last at least a few weeks. What’s even more disheartening than the fact that Target won’t be replenishing their inventory is how many items have shown up on eBay since Sunday. Always an opportunity for those clever people to make money, I suppose.

And a perfect opportunity for hundreds or thousands of ladies to be upset that their efforts at owning one or two limited edition Lilly Pulitzer pieces on Sunday were fruitless. Fortunately, I was able to come home with two items (a little big – but nothing some tailoring can’t fix). All I can say to Target; never underestimate the power of fabulous floral’s to make women feel sexy, summery, and chic.

Were you on the Pursuit for Lilly on Sunday?

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