Summer Bridal Showers

What’s better, Christmas or Wedding season? Personally, I love both, though they both have their pros and cons.


  1. Celebrating love’s eternal glory
  2. Getting together with family and friends
  3. One new outfit (at least)
  4. Getting dressed up
  5. Buying presents ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Bridal showers
  7. Bachelorette parties
  8. Did I mention reunions with family and friends?
  9. Did I mention shopping for a new dress (or two)? Plus shoes, jewelry, & other accessories.
  10. Pampering (mani/pedi/spray tans)


  1. Spending money
  2. Can’t think of anything else…

With that said, we are on the cusp of hitting the high-tide of wedding season and I couldn’t be more excited for the four I will be attending between June and September. I am all the more excited to be standing up in one of my close friend/college roommate/known each other for way too long’s wedding in August. Though the bridesmaid dresses have long ago been selected by the bride – she works for J. Crew and admittedly stalked the bridal section – it left me wondering what to do about the two (yes, two) bridal showers that I’ll be attending prior to the big day.

Just as with the bridesmaid dress, it’s important to pick something simple and elegant for these events. After all, it will involve a lot of introductions and smiling and explaining how I’ve come to know the bride. But, just as with the bridesmaid dress, it’s important to pick something that doesn’t draw attention away from the bride herself. If the dress happens to fall in with the color scheme, the better, but here’s some colors I would avoid in choosing the perfect bridal shower dress or outfit…

  • White – should be a no-brainer. Unless specifically designated by the bride that she chooses not to wear white and she approves/encourages her bridal party to do so, avoid it. Traditionally, white is not only the choice for the wedding dress, but also a choice to foreshadow the big day at the bridal shower or bachelorette party. Of course, if you’re Kelly Kapoor and you just look that good in white, check with the bride first!
  • Red – depending on the season. Typically, red can be a very ostentatious choice and for this event, the idea is not to draw the eye away from the woman of the hour. Of course, if the colors for the wedding include red or the wedding takes place in Fall/Winter, red can be very appropriate for the shower, depending on the shade. This Striped Eyelet dress from J. Crew in Bright Flame is a beautiful choice for a Summer bridal shower.


  • Black – save your LBD for the bachelorette party! Though I am not opposed to wearing a black dress to a Fall/Winter wedding, or one where the happy couple request their guests to follow a certain color scheme, a bridal shower in the summer is a place for fun colors, pastels, or floral prints. Again, it depends on the theme and the color scheme since every bride and wedding is different, but ’tis the season for spray tans and sundresses. If you can’t get away from black (trust me, I understand the draw), this Floral Print Fit & Flare from Express is a stylish choice. Paired with nude, black, or wedges in a pop of color and you’re good to go.


  • Highlighter anything – just bold enough for those summer music festivals, but not for this event! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against neon of all colors. When I’m exercising. Or attending Day Glow. Or just feeling like adding a punch of color to any outfit. But very rarely, have I found a dress reminiscent of a highlighter that seems appropriate for an afternoon tea or garden party. If brights are your thing, try to find something like this Paint It Red Fit & Flare from Forever 21 that is both fun, bright, and a charming choice for a bridal shower.


Though I love (and wear) my fair share of whites, reds, blacks, and neons in everyday life, they can be too drastic of choices for a bridal shower. A good rule of thumb for options are those that are in line with the wedding’s color scheme, think similar to the bridesmaid dresses themselves, a beautiful floral pattern, or a solid colored dress with lace, embroidered, or beaded detailing.

These are a few choices that I’m loving and considering for the two bridal showers I’ll be attending this summer…all apart of the LC Lauren Conrad line for Kohl’s, and all on sale for $50 or less.

lconradfloral lconradpearlblush lconrad-porcelainrose

What are your must-haves in your Pursuit for the perfect Summer party dress?


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