Keeping the Motivation

We’ve all been there; three weeks into a new healthy eating and exercise plan and all of the sudden, life gets into the way. It could be work, school, social events, or just a personal event and it feels like everything is working against you. I walk into our employee kitchen and see cake sitting there on the table, all delicious and pleading for me to eat it. Seriously, how many people have had birthdays in the last month?

Or you feel like you’re bombarded with social outing requests. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting together with friends after work and on the weekends but it usually involves food and drinks. 

Or you feel like the snooze button and you are becoming a little too close. Getting up for a few early morning sweat sessions last week was so easy, why the change this week? 

It takes a lot of commitment and confidence to make these changes in the first place (applause for us all) but it’s keeping the motivation to continue and make it a habit that can really be the challenge. If you agree with me, raise your hand. That’s about everyone…

Here’s a few ways I’m working on re-motivating myself and keep up my habits.

  1. Reconnect with my goals – I know what I want to achieve and why. Next time I’m making excuses for not hitting the gym and having that first (or second) cookie, I will pause and take a deep breath and remind myself what I want to accomplish.
  2. Schedule it out – add it to the calendar and make the exercise sessions apart of my routine. Easy to click close on a calendar reminder, so I am going to set two or three and really let Siri be a nag.
  3. Try something new – in order to stick with my goals, I need to avoid the boredom factor. For the past two weeks, I’ve been snacking on so many carrots with hummus that I’m almost over it. Same goes with workouts; I need to vary my sessions to keep it fresh and interesting.
  4. Have an accountability buddy – can be a real person or an app like Pact or MyFitnessPal. Set a goal and let the app notify you when you’re at risk of not making it during the week. With Pact, it’ll cost you (literally) to not hit your goals.

I’ve found it can be difficult to keep going when it’s not a habit yet. But the focus is on trying to be better than you were the day before and making those little decisions to see those big results! It takes time and effort and commitment, but I know it’s going to payoff.

What are your tips for success in the pursuit of motivation?


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