2016 Concert Series

The first half of 2016 has been a busy time for concerts. The series has included trips to Soldier Field and Rosemont for Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, & Justin Bieber, as well as a few hometown shows in Milwaukee featuring The Lumineers, Martin Garrix, Weezer, Passion Pit, & Panic! At the Disco.

Despite the variations in musical genre among the different shows I attended, they all had one thing in common; high energy. From Beyoncé’s empowering performance after a powerful thunderstorm to Martin Garrix’s heart pumping set list that felt made me feel more like I was in Vegas rather than at Summerfest in Milwaukee, each show was packed with dance hits and fast beats.

For me, going to a show and sharing that experience with friends is an investment in memories. I don’t need to be front row, though visibility to the stage and screen is a must. It’s for the moment that I next hear that song on the radio and I remember how I felt and moved and sang when I saw the live performance. The energy not only comes from the music, but the passion each of these performers has for their music and their message. It’s palpable with every note sung and riff played when they’re on stage. It’s in the air when the crowds are singing along to every word. And it’s in my heart as I’m sharing those moments with my bf and my closest friends.
Each of these performances was extremely memorable, exciting, and most of all, FUN! Popular songs and passionate artists always leads to amazing performances.

Where’s your pursuit of music taking you this summer?


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