Seeking Alignment

What’s typically the first aspect of a person that you notice? Is it their hair, their clothes, their weight? Living in a society that bleeds for skin-deep aesthetic beauty, this is no surprise. For me, it’s typically their smile. Or whether or not they’re wearing one. A smile can convey many things; happiness (0f course), excitement, joy, and sometimes even sadness. But it also can speak to a person’s self-confidence. Whether or not one choose to smile depends on many things, but confidence and happiness with oneself is an important factor in that decision.

There is rarely a day that I make the choice to not smile, but that doesn’t mean I am immune to any variables that might make me less apt to smile. Confidence being one of them.

Today marks the first step of my journey towards a better, straighter, and brighter smile. Making the decision to straighten my teeth and improve my smile at my age has been a tricky one. There’s many factors to consider that go beyond just the financial responsibility of making this change. Once the decision has been made, the next one is whether to pursue the metal option, or the more conspicuous Invisalign. The latter is my choice.

The major consideration is why aren’t my teeth good enough anymore? I’m in no way saying I was born my perfectly straight teeth, I’m obviously getting them straightened now, but they came in well enough that it wasn’t deemed a necessity to align them more than a decade ago as most of my teenage friends had done. So one of my first questions is ‘why now’? What’s changed? Why has it become a priority to me at this juncture in my life to straighten my smile?

My confidence. It’s not that I care more about my physical appearance now than I did when I was 13. But it’s about doing things that make feeling good about oneself easier. It’s about being proud of the face and smile we show the world. I’ve always been a bit self conscious about my smile, though it really hasn’t stopped me from sharing it with the world. But for me it’s about making a change if it means I can reduce my self consciousness and boost my self confidence. If I can love myself just a bit more, I think it’s worth it.

My life stage. Working in the apparel/retail world and trying to be a social media maven is about putting your best foot (and shoe) forward. It’s about showing the world my unique style and being happy to do so. I express my personal style and fashion sense through my social media identity “Ellie A” – just a play on my initials, but all of my pictures that involve my face are rarely smiling and showing teeth. Building my confidence will only strengthen my brand and allow me to more confidently share my face and sense of style with the world.

Though my smile for a while has been good enough, I am seeking out and taking advantage of the opportunity to make it great. It’s a choice that’s meant to realign not only my teeth, but my confidence and self-perception as well.

I want to show the world my confidence.

I want to show the world my smile.

I want to show the world my self. 

How do you pursue confidence?


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