Summer Style: Color Chameleon

Style is all about expressing yourself and undoubtedly your current mood through the pieces you wear. A lot of women may stick to a certain color scheme and plan their entire closet around it. This works well if you’ve got a set of favorite colors, if you look best in certain colors, or you prefer neutrals over brights or vise versa.

I am a total chameleon when it comes to my closet. My color scheme is always changing and I like it that way. Take a peak in my closet and you’ll notice that it’s organized by type of piece, and within those categories, it’s further organized by color – utilizing Roy G. Biv as my inspiration. Being a creative, left-brained mind, I love color and enjoy trying out new shades or schemes in my wardrobe. Yesterday I found myself wearing the olive-y green/taupe pointed toe slides in the picture above with my gray cuffed skinnies. Today, I am wearing a knee-length pale pink sweater with a crisp white tank and rose gold sandals. Tomorrow, I could be wearing a neon yellow tank with train conductor striped crops. I love trying out new colors and the scheme I go for certainly depends on the day, my mood, and of course, what’s new in my closet.

Finding your own personal style is about experimenting and figuring out what works best for you and your body. And it’s also about having fun while doing it. Experimenting with color is one of the best parts and you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks and try a variety of shades!
live your style, love your life.


ellie A.

[Shoes – Banana Republic; Pants – Levi’s]


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