Past, Present, & Future

With the new year just a few weeks in, I can’t help but reminisce about the year that recently came to a close. It brought with it plenty of challenges and changes, but also plenty of triumphs. I always love the #bestnine on Instagram because it’s a great way to be reminded of some of my favorite memories as well as some of my family and friends favorites as well.

What happened in 2016…

  • Was accepted into my Master’s program of choice
  • Quit a job
  • Found a new job
  • Saw a ton of amazing concerts – Ellie Goulding (my girl), Beyoncé, Biebs, The Lumineers, etc…
  • Trips to Nashville, Dallas & San Francisco
  • Decided to get Invisalign

Despite some of the challenges that I was faced with (deciding to quit my job), it was a very rewarding year. Typically I like to reminisce before the new year has actually started, but the last few weeks of 2016 and the first few weeks of 2017 were jam packed full of family events, holidays, work, and a road trip across the country to California – more to come on that. Part of reminiscing about the past year is thinking about whether or not I accomplished what I wanted to this year and followed through on my resolutions. TBH, didn’t do too well across most of the aspects.

For 2017, I didn’t set any resolutions, but instead I picked a word of the year:


I’ve talked a lot about making commitments in the past but haven’t done a whole lot of following through. This is something my SO and I have been chatting a lot about lately. We have no problem following through on our commitments to each other, but not so much to ourselves. And that’s something we are going to work on together in 2017.

Here is a glimpse at what’s planned (and done) for this year.

  • Road trip to California
  • Half marathon in April
  • Graduating from my Master’s program in May
  • Trips to South Carolina, San Francisco, and hopefully Portland

With most of that on the agenda for the first half of the year, I’m excited to see what’s possible for the back half. All I know is that I’m making commitments to myself to have fun, be happy, and live well each and every day.

Basically just on the pursuit of more memories that continues to build on my personal level of fun, fashion, health, and happiness.

What are you pursuing in 2017?


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