Spring Style: Candy Striper

I am absolutely loving all things stripes this Spring season. Truthfully, some may say that I’ve come down with something. It’s a serious addiction to stripes and denim. Could be black stripes, red stripes, white stripes, or blue stripes. I’m an equal opportunity stripe-ist. I picked up this awesome one-shoulder dress in a red and white stripe from Anthropologie for a great sale – I’m talking <$20 with an additional 40% off the sale price! Super cute, comfortable, and can pair easily with a lot of the pieces in my closet, including my light denim Ex-Boyfriend Trucker from Levi’s!

As I’ve noticed stripes making a big statement in my closet this season, I’m starting to think I may have a problem. Who cares though, right? If it’s comfortable, cute, and makes me happy to wear it, what’s the difference! With Memorial Day this past week, it’s easy to get away with multiple red and white striped ensembles, so I took full advantage!

Similar to the one-shoulder dress from Anthro, I love this one-should tank with an angled stripe and multi-layer look from Banana Republic. Cute paired with my Levi’s skinny jeans and my chucks for an afternoon cruising around the city, or with black skinnies and a wedge for evening, I’ll get so much use out of this piece all summer long!

Are you as in love with stripes as I am this Spring season?

Ps. I’m not going to lie, I double checked that I spelled the word “striper” in the title of this post MANY times before publishing!


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