Fresh Brand: Skylar Body

Happy Friday y’all! I was recently introduced to the scent lineup from Skylar Body and I am SO happy I was! Their line of light, fresh scents have quickly become my favorites – especially in these amazing travel-size spritzers! The best part about it is you can order the sample palette (shown below) for only $20! Figure out what your favorite scent is and that $20 will be used as a credit towards your purchase of any full-size product! I love that they offer you the chance to truly try before you really buy!

My favorites so far are Meadow and Isle! Meadow’s floral notes are to die for and definitely my go-to for these hot summer days! Isle is a close second for me because it smells so clean and crisp! I love having the sample palette of all 4, because just like my personal style changes depending on the day, I wouldn’t mind my scent matching my mood for the day as well! Take the scent quiz to find out which scent is perfect for you!

For you, love, the sky’s the limit! Talk about great branding, messaging, and packaging as well! I love the watercolors!

Use my link to shop and you’ll receive 15% off of your order! What are you waiting for?

ps. This post was sponsored as I received the sample palette free of charge! All opinions are factual and my own! I love these scents and will all of my trips coming up, I can’t wait to take these little spritzers along for the ride!


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