Travel Style: I Love NY

This past weekend, my significant other and I hopped on a plane and headed to the East coast to visit one of our best friends. With our bags packed and coffees full, we shipped out of Milwaukee at sunrise Thursday for our New York adventure. First stop (of course) – NYC. Thanks to our friends at Southwest, tickets into LGA during the early morning hours were dirt cheap. This made it a little easier on the wallet to invest in a few new pieces before our trip!

Once we landed and changed into our finest summer in the city outfits, we began our 24 hours in the Big Apple. For me, that involved tossing on an easy striped shirt dress with one of my go-to trucker jackets. A crossbody bag, light jewelry, and my new favorite satin sneakers and I was ready to go! Comfort and style, all packed into one outfit for the perfect, touristy afternoon! Times Square, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, and over 18,000 steps later, we hung up our tourist hats and prepped ourselves for a Thursday night on the town.

That evening we stopped for appetizers and drinks at Skylark, followed by a few more cocktails aboard the Frying Pan. We ended the night with a little bit of late night pizza in Times Square. No complaints, except forgetting to take pictures of my outfit amidst the delicious drinks and conversation!

My Friday look consisted of a satin bomber jacket in one of this season and year’s hottest colors, paired with destroyed cropped 501’s, sandals, and a backpack with tassels for another comfortable and stylish outfit. This is me hailing a cab the next day as we waited for our friend’s car so I didn’t have to leave NYC. But needless to say (and another blog post to come), I am glad I did.

Stay tuned for more adventures (and outfits) in Upstate NY!

Outfit Details (top photo):

Outfit Details (bottom photo):


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