Fall Style: A New Day

The transition into the fall season is happening in my closet as quickly as the leaves are beginning to change and fall outside. Despite a heat wave this week, the reds and oranges and yellows are popping up on the horizon already. Though we really can’t be too surprised, since September is over halfway through the month.

This watercolor kimono from the A New Day collection at Target reminds me of those fall colors that I love so much, and with a drape-y front and short sleeves, it has made me even more excited about what’s to come with the fall season.

Picking up on the colors in the kimono, I paired this outfit with a suede cabernet red block heel from J.Crew.

I kept the jewelry simple, as this kimono really speaks for itself. I opted for the Gold and Silver Benning Necklace from Kendra Scott. This beauty came in my most recent set from Rocksbox and is the perfect addition to an understated outfit.

You know I’m always about the stylish denim and a pair of suede shoes like these needed to be framed nicely. A hint of destruction and a released hem on the ankle of these Levi’s 501 jeans with stretch!!

I picked up my new go to black cross body bag from the Kohl’s Apt 9 collection. My last one got a lot of love so thankfully I was able to find a replacement that was similar but with some nice updates! Plus a tassel. Always up for adding tassels to any outfit.

A few more looks at the outfit and all I need is a hot caramel macchiato (not big on the pumpkin spice personally) in my hand and I’m ready for a fabulous fall!

Ps. Use the code “LEENABFF6” to get your first month of Rocksbox for free!


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