Trend Watch: Fall Seventeen

Twenty seventeen is seriously flying by because today is the official first day of Fall and apparently October is less than two weeks away. Though we are still seeing a few days poised to hit 80’s-90’s this week and the next, its hard to deny that Fall is creeping in. As I’ve mentioned, one reason why I love living in the Midwest, and specifically Wisconsin is getting to enjoy and dress for 4 very different seasons throughout the year. Spring is all about florals, light jackets, and re-introducing my legs to the world. Summer is always fun with sandals and beach days and sundresses. Winter is the season of layers on layers on layers on layers…plus scarves and boots and jackets that touch the ground. But FALL…

Fall may be my favorite season, and no, not because of PSL’s from S-bucks, but because I am a huge proponent of ankle-length denim, long-flowing vests, trench coats, thin scarves, and sweaters. Besides the additional layers, it’s more about THE COLORS. Obviously, fall is full of deep burgundies, rich greens, dark blues, and basically any color that reflects the changing hues of the leaves on the trees. Similar to last fall, I am still totally in love with lace-ups, ruffles and billowy sleeves, and the military trend. Olive and blush tones can be found throughout my wardrobe transitioning from Summer to Fall and they’re definitely here to stay. But there are a few updates to the trends from previous seasons that I can’t deny I am in love with…

  1. Bold Embellishments
  2. Denim Alterations
  3. Even Better Sleeves
  4. Oodles of Ruffles
  5. Zippers
  6. Ankle Booties

Let’s dive in for where and how I’ve noticed these trends taking shape for fall and how I am planning to incorporate them into my wardrobe!

Bold Embellishments




Oh, bring on the embellishments! For a person like me who typically can’t get enough of sequins, rhinestones, and bling bling in my outfits, the embellishments trend is truly one I can get behind. And that’s why I’ve listed it here first. Besides the obvious sparkle, embellishments are taking on updated forms for this fall season – cue the patches, embroidery, and pompoms. Taken from trends dating back to the 60’s-90’s, it really seems like anything goes with ‘what’ and ‘where’ when it comes to embellishments.

Check out a few of my favorite styles showcasing some super fun embellishments!

Denim Alterations

Seams in seemingly all the wrong places. Jackets with no collars. Multi-color panels on pockets and legs and sleeves. High rises and high waters. Denim has been having a seriously stylish moment for a number of seasons and the trend keeps rolling with these updates for fall. Pair these amazing

For obvious reasons, denim is a staple in my professional and personal wardrobe. Can’t wait to rock a few of these altered denim styles this season!

Even Better Sleeves

Sleeves are getting bigger, better, and even more billowy for this fall season. I am talking multiple layers, ruffles, pretty poufs that even Anne of Green Gables could get behind, and longer than life (or the wrist) silhouettes. Ruffles and lace are again taking center stage in updates to sleeves for fall. I can’t wait to see where this trend continues to take us!

Oodles of Ruffles

Though there are plenty of tops that are incorporating ruffles for a fun and flirty silhouette for fall, I felt it necessary to call out ruffles specifically as a trend by themselves. This is because I am literally seeing ruffles making a big impression in some new and unique places – the ends of sleeves by the wrist, across the front of shirts and sweaters alike, and taking over the tops of shoes, just to name a few.


No, I am not referring to zippers in the usual spots. Boots, denim jackets, and even pencil skirts have all been spotted rocking some edgy zipper details moving into the fall season. I love how zippers instantly make these closet staples feel a little more edgy and unique.

Ankle Booties

This one seems like a no-brainer but I am quickly falling in love with the ankle bootie style that has a higher ankle, giving me all of the 60’s-70’s feels, coming in patterns, brocade, metallic, and all sorts of designs. These are a statement making trend for footwear this fall and I can’t wait to slip my feet into one of these stylish pairs!



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