The Recap: StyleCon Dallas

Aw, StyleCon! It’s been a few weeks since the super stylish and inspiring event and I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures and highlights from the event!

The event was all about building your brand by being authentic, collaborating with others who you love and look up to, and working hard to live life on your terms.

Besides there being a myriad of super cute backdrops perfect for posing in front of, there were awesome fashion and beauty brands. From skincare and makeup to jewelry, apparel, gifts and home goods, and tasty snacks, they had it all!

Didn’t get a chance to finalize your hair, nails, or makeup before the event? No problem, there were a number of style professionals on board to put the finishing touches on your look!

I absolutely loved these great clutches and makeup bags! I have one of them from ipsy but was tempted to go home with this gold sparkle pouch! What can I say, I love gold!

Oh yeah, I met Catherine Lowe (a bachelor sweetheart) and was gifted one of her beautiful cards! So many stylish paper goods items, can’t wait to see more from her and go a little LoweCo! Did I mention how sweet she was? 

Cue my earlier comment on the awesome backdrops for photo taking! I attended the event with my beautiful friend Kimber who lives in Dallas! Made for a perfect weekend trip to visit with her as well!

Collaboration over competition…preach! Don’t compare yourself to others, do your thing, and appreciate others for doing theirs! So many great messages from the speakers during the event!

There was also a Style Collective meetup during the event where I got to meet a few of my new favorite Dallas style bloggers as well as the SC founder herself, Annie Spano! Such an inspiration for bringing together an amazing group of beautiful bloggers and influencers to connect with and learn from one another! Thinking of joining Style Collective, I’d totally recommend it, so let me know!

Overall, it was a long but fun day! So many successful and inspirational women who had a vision and made it happen! I’m constantly working on growing my brand and my blog, but it’s always been my ultimate goal to be authentic, let my insecurities go, and just have fun with what I love! I’ve been trying to pull myself out of my comfort zone to be more outgoing, share more of my personality, and appreciate where I am in life at this particular moment in time! There’s no point in wasting time comparing myself to other fashion and style bloggers and being unhappy. The last few months and going to StyleCon have affirmed for me that my hard work, patience, and commitment to staying true to myself will pay off!


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