LOTD: Seeing Spots

The weather in Wisconsin is always throwing me for a loop. When your typical fall day could see a 10-20 degree swing from morning to afternoon to night, sometimes one may find themselves without the proper layers or outerwear.

I found myself in this particular predicament this week as I left for work in a short sleeve shirt, cropped jeans, and slides. Knowing the temps would hit the 70’s, I left home without second guessing my decision to leave my bomber, trench coat, or green military jacket behind. Though this outfit already has a lot of interest with the printed top, embellished shoes, and wreath necklace, a jacket would have helped tone down each individual piece and tie the outfit together.


I love this black and cream printed top from Express. This outfit would have been much cooler (though warmer) with my black nylon bomber jacket. Had I toned down the shoes, there’d be no reason not to pair a jacket or trucker with a similar colored print or embellishment. I typically operate (a loose interpretation) under the rule of 3 when it comes to my outfits. This, to me, means limiting the number of statement or key pieces to 3. In this case top, shoes, and bomber jacket would have been the 3 key pieces for a pulled together look. I don’t typically include jewelry in this count because I always like to rock a little bit of extra frosting.

Shop the Look:


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