Fall Style: Pastel Plaid


There’s nothing I love more when the temps are dropping than a beautiful plaid scarf to warm up and wrap up with! I’ve developed quite a collection of scarves (you have to in Wisconsin where I live), so I love mixing and matching them with new outfits, plus adding a new one here and there to keep things fresh! This pink + blue + white pick was actually a scarf I won from ILY Mix and the fabulous blogger behind What Rive Wore on Instagram! I always hesitate to enter contests on the ‘gram because for some the chances of winning may be so low, but I am happy I tossed my name in the hat for this one! I love this scarf so much – with the mixture of the light/dark blues, light pink, deep burgundy, and white, it’s a beautiful option moving into Winter.

My love of sparkle led me to incorporate a few metallic pieces in this look in neutral colors. I love this tote from Stella & Dot with a slightly worn look, but still enough shimmer to satisfy. In a similar tone and style, I opted for my Tom’s lace-up wedges on the bottom to add a little heightened sophistication to the look! (See what I did there..ha).

Pairing this scarf with my deep red/raspberry coat and deep blue jeans pulls from some of the deeper colors in the scarf and allows the pastels and white to really pop!

How can one not be smiling when their scarf is this cute? It’s a super casual look, perfect for an afternoon of brunching with your bests, holiday shopping, or stay-cationing!

Shop the Full Look:



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