The Crossroads of America: Roadtrip to Indy

Every year in January, right after the ball drops, it seems like Jeff and I are taking off on the open road to a sometimes, but not always, far-off destination. The Jeep is packed to the brim with Jeff’s business’ inventory and display items, ready to be unveiled and setup at the newest location for the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention. For 2018, this event took us deep into the heart of Indiana, to Indianapolis. Despite it not being California like the year before, I did have a level of excitement to see and explore Indy, because prior to this, I had only driven past it!

Plus, it didn’t hurt that it’s on my list of state capitols and capitol buildings that I haven’t had a chance to take a picture in front of yet, so it was perfect! Though we were only there for a few days, and most of that time would be dedicated to the convention, Jeff and I do try to get out and explore the city a little bit – which included indulging ourselves in some amazing steaks and cocktails at St. Elmo Steak House. My mouth and taste buds were so happy after that meal, I would definitely want to go there the next time I’m in the city!

Besides making a stop at the capitol building, we ventured out in the cold to check out the amazing monuments that have been erected downtown. Being less than a week past the holidays, they were still all lit up, which was a beautiful and special sight to see!

See, how amazing the Soldiers Sailors Monument is, and with a circle drive going around them, it seems like all roads lead to this point!

With the frigid temps outside, we found a little spot to have a delicious caffeinated beverage, before continuing our tourist pursuits in Indy! Coat Check Coffee was an amazing little find that satisfied our need for caffeine! Located in this historic building with beautiful architecture, chill vibe, and open work/lounge space, I would definitely recommend checking them out when you’re in town!

With our short trip, I unfortunately didn’t get to do any shopping or exploring too many additional parts of this city, but that just gives me one more reason to go back!


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