Life Style: 2018 Goals

Hard to believe that we’ve already reached February in 2018! Though January can sometimes feel like it drags on and on, I spent a lot of time mulling over my goals and “resolutions” for this year. It’s always important to me to set goals going into a new year, but I was wary of setting any “resolutions” this year. If anything, my resolution for this year is to focus.

My resolution is to truly focus on what it is that’s important to me and what I want to accomplish this year! This is where the goals come in. There are a number of goals I have that I want to accomplish in the next 60-90 days, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, and so on.

For 2018, I really want to focus on…

…growing my blog!

  • Increasing my collaboration with local creatives, bloggers, and brands.
  • Sharing more of my life, what I love, and what you want to see!
  • Continuing to build my personal brand, credibility, and circle of influence on social media.
  • Automating processes related to my blog, social media, etc. Basically working smarter, not harder!

…doing what makes me happy!

  • Focusing on and strengthening my relationships with Jeff, my family, and my friends!
  • Being creative in all aspects of my life! Hobbies include photography, design, styling, decorating, etc.
  • Exploring the world around me – whether it’s taking the back roads and seeing a new part of town or crossing new states/capitols/cities off of my bucket list!

…strengthening what I am good at and what makes me, me!

  • This is all about maintaining and building confidence!
  • Picking a mantra and focusing on that to drive my motivation!
  • Understanding my strengths and weaknesses and identifying opportunities for growth!

…re-balancing myself in areas where I’ve become unbalanced!

  • From a health and wellness perspective, I definitely have room to improve! Bring on the sweat, the fruits and veggies, and the motivation to get back in shape!
  • Identifying and removing stressors! Or developing new ways of coping with them!
  • Paying down debt! CC’s and student loans, I’m coming for you!

It may seem like a lot and truthfully a lot of this can be the same or may evolve year over year, but that’s because I always want to feel like I am growing, learning, and improving.

When it comes down to it, what I am working towards is FREEDOM. I’m sure you’re thinking, “come on Leena, this is a FREE country”, but hear me out. When I say FREEDOM, I am talking about gaining…

  • Freedom from doubt – my focus is on building my confidence levels to be able to dive headfirst into my dreams and goals and really achieve them!
  • Freedom from bad thoughts – not only ridding myself of the haters on the outside, but also the hater in my head that uses words and phrases like “too hard”, “you can’t”, “too fat”, “too lazy”, etc.
  • Freedom from “the man” – I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and build something I can truly call my own! I have skills and abilities that can help me serve my own dreams! Even if it’s just something I love doing on the side.
  • Freedom from whatever has been holding me back – the focus here is on gaining a bit more financial stability, flexibility, and creative ability to really do what I want, when I want, where I want. Set my own priorities, hours, tasks, and responsibilities and accomplish those from the comfort of my couch, the beach, or wherever my two feet take me!

It will be tough, it will involve long hours and change and drained energy, and it will take a lot of confidence and motivation to get to where I want to go. But as long as I keep that place in my mind, make critical decisions that will further my progress to reach that place, and enjoy the process along the way, it’s also going to be fun, rewarding, and one hell of a ride! The time is now to focus on freedom!

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