Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Ahh, tomorrow’s the day! Maybe not THE day, but it’s Valentine’s Day! I know how cliche it is to say that you love Valentine’s Day, especially when you’re in a relationship, but I’m going to say it anyways. I love Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s my affinity for all things pink, sweet chocolates, and flowers, but I love Valentine’s Day.

Though Jeff and I have our plans for tomorrow night and this weekend pretty much set in stone, here’s a few ideas that I love and think would be great options to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your SO!

  • Brunch It Up! I love the idea of having a day-date on Valentine’s Day if you can swing it! Being a Wednesday it might be tricky, but wait for the weekend and get out for a great brunch at a hot spot! A few of my favorite brunch options in Milwaukee are Sweet Diner, Cafe Centraal, or Smoke Shack! A few that I can’t wait to try are brunch from Honeypie and Wicked Hop.
  • Get Your Bowl On! I love bowling so much and especially in a place like Pinstrikes at Bayshore, it’s the perfect date night for a night of fun, great music, and working the oil pattern!
  • See a Movie! There’s so many good movies out right now that I want to see, it’s crazy! You can go for the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day by immersing yourself in a movie that’s oozing sexuality and see Fifty Shades Freed, or check out an action flick like The 15:17 to Paris, or get your history on by seeing The Post. Either way, iPic is my favorite theater in Milwaukee, and that’s where Jeff and I will be tomorrow night!
  • Grab a Bite! Of course, an obvious choice but there’s no better reason than Valentine’s Day to get out of your kitchen and try one of the awesome new or existing restaurants in Milwaukee. Whether you’re into trying something new (think Snack Boys or Swig), looking to get a little high-class and romantic with some international cuisine (think Tre Rivali or Zarletti), or want to grab some of your favorites in a more relaxed environment (think Jackson’s or Cafe Benelux), there’s plenty of great options in Milwaukee! Check OpenTable to make an easy reservation or see what availability they have for your chosen day/time!
  • See a Concert! You know there’s always a show going on at The Rave/Eagles Ballroom and even if there isn’t a show ON Valentine’s Day, grab a pair of tickets for a night later this week or weekend!
  • Grab a Drink! This is Milwaukee and there are plenty of great bar options to grab a drink in the city! Live the rooftop life at The Outsider or Blu, drink out of a mug made of ice by checking out the Ice Bars at the Wicked Hop, Cafe Benelux, or St. Paul Fish Company in the Third Ward, or grab a beer at one of MANY breweries in town like Good City Brewing Company, Lakefront Brewery, or Broken Bat Brewery.
  • Go Outside! It’s Winter here in Wisconsin and before you look at me crazy, I have a few ideas that even I think are great! I mentioned the Ice Bars that are currently happening in the Third Ward, but I also love the idea of getting out for some snow-shoeing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, or downhill skiing! Make the most of the snow during the day and cozy up to SO to warm up when you’re done!
  • Take a Class! Now before you say that doesn’t sound like fun, hear me out! Whether it’s learning a new skill like ballroom dancing or cooking, or getting your wine/paint on, I love this option! There’s no better way to get to know someone better or build a deeper relationship with someone than when you’re learning something new together. And, as in the case of the ballroom dancing, forcing you to get a little close on the dance floor helps with that too!
  • Take a Trip! This one typically takes a little bit of pre-planning, but then again, not really! Seriously, find a cheap last minute flight for this weekend to a city you’ve never been to or gas up the car and visit a spot nearby that you’ve always wanted to check out! Whether it’s a stay-cation or a vacation, traveling with a SO is an extremely important way to build a strong relationship and see if this person is someone you can stand for full days at a time!

Obviously, some of these are more doable than others when it comes to making some plans last minute, but like I said you don’t always have to celebrate right on the day! It’s always acceptable, especially when holidays fall on a weekday, to enjoy a relaxing night at home with your SO and save the hoopla for the weekend before or after! Besides, it doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t always be) only on Valentine’s Day when you celebrate your love for one another and do something special!

I love Valentine’s Day, and all holidays really, because it’s a chance to get out of your routine, celebrate with the people you love, and let a little bit of whimsy and romance take center stage in your life for a little bit! And to me, there’s nothing wrong with that!


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