Fave Five: Autumn Blossoms


The end of the summer may mean the end of shorts, sandals, and white linens, but it doesn’t mark the end of floral prints. Whether adorning a skirt, a flowy long-sleeve top, or a scarf, there is plenty of room in your Fall wardrobe for florals. Compared to the pastels that mark Spring blooms, florals in the fall tend to be darker and characterized by gem tones such as deep reds, emerald greens, and sapphire blues. Here are my top picks for incorporating Autumn blossoms into you ensembles this Fall.

  1. Express Floral Print Surplice Maxi Dress
  2.  J.Crew Fabric-Backed Crystal Cluster Necklace
  3.  Banana Republic Lightweight Floral Scarf
  4. Vans ‘Classic’ Slip-On Sneakers at Nordstrom
  5. Kate Spade Emerson Place Roses Lenia


ellie A.


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