Hello! I’m Leena and this is my blog for sharing my love and passion for fashion, sparkles, and pretty things. I am a Midwest girl who loves casual style, classic pieces, and having a lot of fun with accessories. My blog is meant to be a collection of my favorite outfits, brands, and products while hopefully inspiring others to have some fun, mix and match pieces, and share your personal style with the world! I love hearing from you, so if you have any questions for me, please reach out! And if you’re ever in Milwaukee, please give me a shout and lets grab coffee or a cold beer! I just want to share a little piece of my lifestyle and start a celebration of the beauty in every inch.

Live your style. Love your life.


    1. lasuma12

      Hello! It is a Finnish name, that’s where my family is from! I have not yet had a chance to visit Finland unfortunately, it’s the top of my list for where I want to go next! I have family there yet, but I’d love any recommendations or tips you have as well!

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