Spring Style: Mother’s Day

Can’t believe another beautiful Mother’s Day has come and gone! Thankfully, I was able to spend mine with my mom, my grandmother, Jeff’s mom, and a few of my aunts and other favorite moms! It’s important to me to share my appreciation for my mother’s love and support everyday, but it’s nice to share a special day with her to remind her again!

Since it was such a gorgeous May day, I brought out my new favorite black and white spotted dress from the A New Day brand at Target. As if they need to take anymore of my money, they keep dropping amazing brands in clothing and home furnishings that make me wonder why I have direct deposit to my bank account at all. In order to infuse some color, I chose this amazing ruffle sleeve coat from Express to add another layer.

Being Finnish and growing up with Marimekko influences in the house, I love funky prints, so choosing this oversized wristlet from the Banana Republic x Marimekko collaboration was a fun choice for some more color and design elements. With some gold jewelry and strappy black wedges, I was certainly brunch ready!

Had a great time with my dapper date, as always! And how can you not have fun with these amazing sunglasses and beaded tassel earrings!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing moms out there! 🙂

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