Spring Style: In Love With Lilac

Holy Moley, it’s the first day of June! Which means a few things / it’s almost officially summer, my weekends are basically fully planned from now thru mid-August, and pink is becoming an even more prominent in my wardrobe. Not really because pink is always a fixture in my wardrobe, but I needed a third!

I am absolutely in love with this fresh take on pale pink in a lilac shade. This satin bomber is the perfect layering piece for mild summer days, and I feel like I’m a part of the pink ladies when I wear it! Actually, the first time I wore it when I was in San Francisco for work & without planning it, my manager wore it the same day, so we were nicknamed the Pink Ladies for the day!

You know I have a serious passion for fabulous footwear, so when I heard that Miley Cyrus was going to be collaborating with Converse, I knew I needed to scoop a pair up for myself. The collection did not disappoint, with glitter in pinks and silvers featured throughout, and these high tops with bright pink sparkly soles were a must must for me.

To me, getting dressed in the morning is kind of like putting on a costume for the day. It should be fun, you should love how you look in your outfit, and it should communicate a bit about yourself and your style. Sure, anyone could have put the same outfit together if they have the same pieces, but no one puts it on and rocks it like you do! Own it!

I felt like I was channeling some serious 90’s vibes with this look – tie-dye Levi’s tee, flashy bomber, destroyed light wash denim, and my Chucks! Seriously such a fun outfit, I couldn’t help but smile all day when wearing it. Scroll through to see some more pictures or click to shop the look!!

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