Fall18 FabFitFun Box

It’s officially Fall, and I couldn’t be more excited! A few weeks ago, my Fall FabFitFun box arrived in the mail, stocked full of so many great products that I’ve come to love and still can’t wait to try! I seriously consider this almost as good as Christmas, coming 4 times a year. There’s a few reasons why I love getting my FabFitFun box in the mail…

  • I love that this box comes with full-size products from high-quality brands. Whether I’ve heard of the brands before and have been thinking about trying them out, or I’ve never heard of them before and have been pleasantly surprised, I love having access to the products and seeing how I can introduce them into my routine.
  • I love that option to customize my box based on my personal preferences and needs. There’s always a few products where there’s a few color/scent/flavor options you can choose from, trade in or out a few products, and if you can’t decide between a few of the choices, you can often choose to purchase the other product.
  • I also love viewing the add-ons that they offer prior to my box being shipped, so they can be included in my box. They have a wide variety of products in the add-ons section, from beauty to accessories, to workout gear, and more all at amazing prices!

With the Fall Box, the customization options were amazing! There were a few where I purchased additional and I also purchased a few add-ons to make this box even better than the last. See below for a few of my favorites from this box…

  1. Alfred Tea Teapot & Tease 30 Day Teatox – I have come to absolutely love tea within the past few months as I’ve been trying to replace my coffee intake with all-natural and delicious teas! I have a few tea-making tools, but this cute teapot is going to be a staple when I’m making a quick cup for myself!
  2. Vince Camuto Tote – This beautiful carryall tote is going to be a staple for this upcoming Fall season! I am loving this chestnut color, especially with the black stripe down the middle, so I can pair with any and all colors!
  3. Yogahhh! Detox Bath – Oh my goodness, I CANNOT wait to use this for my next relaxing bath experience! Self-care days (or hours) are so important to refresh and recenter myself so I am feeling good, healthy, and confident to take on the day!
  4. GlamGlow Bubble Sheet – I am so behind on the cleansing mask game so I can’t wait to introduce these Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask from GlamGlow into my beauty routine and see how they can make my skin even better!

Want to give it a try? Click to take $10 off of your first box! I think you’ll love it, but if you receive a few products you might not use, share/gift them with some ladies you love!

Disclaimer: Please know, I am a loyal FabFitFun subscriber and have not received any discount or benefit from posting this blog review! I love receiving the box every season and trying out new brands and products that I have come to love! Of course, not everything in the box is something that I’ve completely used or continued to use, but since you never know what you’re going to get, that will happen! By clicking the link to take $10 off and signing up for your first box, I do receive FabFitFun credit for sharing.

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