How To Win at Game Day Style

Football is officially in season and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m a proud Badger fan when it comes to college football and a huge Packer fan in the national league. There’s very rarely a weekend where I’m not making plans to watch the games with friends, and making sure I’m head to toe in team colors is the way I show my team spirit!

Anyone in the state of Wisconsin may disagree with me, but depending on where you are or where you’re going, you might not always want to be rocking a huge team logo across your chest. Or maybe you have somewhere to be before the game, and you still want to rock your team colors, but in a more subtle or stylish way.

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of Packers and Badgers apparel that I feel is appropriate to wear anywhere in Wisco, because chances are, I won’t be the only one proudly showing my support on my shirt. But sometimes I like putting together outfits that display my teams colors more subtly.

Here’s a few of my tips for putting together the perfect game day style play…

  • Keep it colorful! The easiest way to still feel apart of the cheering section without rocking your team’s logo is to make sure you’ve picked pieces that are reminiscent of your team’s colors that work together!
  • Keep it sporty with a cute bomber jacket! I love how bomber jackets are a great layering piece and can either be dressed up or dressed down! Depending on the style, this is a great way to tie your look together!
  • Keep it fun! Game day is all about gathering together to support your team, cheering loud and proud, and having fun! Do the same with your outfit by topping it with off some great jewelry, fun sneakers, and your signature winning smile!

On Packer game days, you can always find me in green and gold, from my head all the way down to my toes. Whether it’s a bright yellow/marigold fringe tank paired with an olive bomber and topped off with some gold accessories, even without a G on my chest, it’s clear who I’m cheering for!

I also love the idea of rocking a sportier look when you’re out and about and the (or a) game is on! With the Milwaukee Brewers heading to the playoffs, I’ll be rocking my navy blue, white, and gold outfit to show my support for the team!

But if you’re not a big sports fan or don’t have a favorite team in the game and you’re out with friends or gathering at a party, you can always opt for some neutral colors with a sporty look.

IMO, stripes are always a good idea, and I love how well they pair with denim of any shade, including white even in the Fall. I went for a full denim look, but layering this denim bomber jacket over my simple striped tee and with white denim on the bottom. This bomber is what my dreams are made of, especially with the striped band around the waist and wrists.

I love how versatile this look could be, because I can easily switch out this navy blue and white striped tee for a tee with a different color stripe or a solid color, or with my favorite Packers or Badgers tee. I guarantee that a similar look will be rocked many times this season, as I think a bomber is the perfect layering piece for game day!

As usual, I finished the look off with gold accessories, even down to my toes with these awesome gold Vans. I can’t get enough of cute sneakers, and I know these are going to be a staple in my outfits this season. Now let’s hope I can keep those rubber soles clean!


Yellow Fringe + Olive Bomber Look

Striped Tee + Denim Bomber Look

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