Milwaukee Art Museum: Art In Bloom 2019

To get those of us who call MKE home ready for the blooms and buds that May brings, the Milwaukee Art Museum has hosted the Art In Bloom event every April! This gorgeous event brings together local florists and iconic works of art to design a floral installation inspired by that piece. During this event, a judge’s panel and attendees vote on their favorites as they travel throughout the galleries to view these beautiful creations.

Prior to this weekend attending Art In Bloom, I am almost embarrassed to say that I had not had a chance to visit the galleries at the Milwaukee Art Museum in the past. I’d been on the outdoor patios and inside the Calatrava entrance before, but for some reason, hadn’t yet found myself exploring its main attractions. I had wanted to attend the Art In Bloom exhibit in prior years, but had always found it landed on a weekend I wasn’t able to stay in town! So this year, I made sure I was going to be in town, and was able to take full advantage of it. Besides the exhibit itself, Art In Bloom weekend is full of various events, including an afternoon tea, floral arranging competitions and workshops, a market full of local vendors and treasures, and a fashion show.

Here’s how I spent my weekend at the museum…

Day One: Thursday Night Social

During this year’s event, I was lucky enough to be able to view the exhibit twice. On the first night of the event, I was invited to attend a private social event for Milwaukee Influencers, hosted by the fabulous Riva Treasure of What Riva Wore, complete with cocktails, tasty treats, the ladies of DryBar providing complimentary braids and flowers for your hair, and a photo op! Jeff joined me for the event, and it was a fun way for us to get a little dressed up and spend our Thursday evening!

After the snacks and social hour, we were given a tour of the judges picks for this year’s event – that included the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Pick’s and the first runner-up. This included a description of the piece that inspired each arrangement and of the florist who designed it. Once we viewed the Judge’s top choices, we were free to roam the galleries and find our favorites!


Day Two: Friday Morning Photoshoot

The next morning, I was back in the Art Museum for a fun photoshoot with Amanda of Amanda Vick Creative and few of my Milwaukee blogger besties! This was an idea Amanda and I talked about a few months prior and I had almost given up on doing until Amanda confirmed we were approved! And we were able to be in the museum for a while before it opened so we could get up close (well, an approved distance for a museum) and personal with the installations and exhibits without brushing elbows with eager attendees! It was an amazing experience to be able to see the exhibit for the second time, in its entirety, and appreciate/smell/photograph the gorgeous arrangements and the art that inspired them without throngs of people around.

And it was such a fun way to spend a Friday off from work! I visited my friends at DryBar in Milwaukee again in the morning so I could make sure my hair was fresh and photo ready before heading to the museum. To me, there’s nothing better than a scalp massage and fresh blowout to start your day the right way. Not to mention getting dressed up, creating content, and getting a private tour of an Art Museum. It was how I wish I could spend most days…


Day Three: Beauty In Bloom Fashion Show

As if two days in a row wasn’t enough, I was back at the Art Museum on Saturday night to attend the Beauty In Bloom Fashion Show. Windhover Hall was transformed into a high-fashion runway, with lighting that set the mood, a DJ that kept the energy up, and bartenders pouring wine and cocktails to get the party started. Katie, one of my besties, joined me for this event, and we were both anxious and excited to see the floral fashions.

Created by the same floral designers from the exhibit, the models were head to toe in flowers, leaves, and branches creating looks inspired by the current featured exhibit; Bouguereau & America. With rose petal layers, a full-skirt of hydrangeas, and …each model looked (and I would assume smelled) fabulous! Once each model took a turn around the runway, they were brought back out so we could get closer looks at all of the details, and so the judges had a chance to view each dress again so they could pick their winners. It was a fabulous runway show full of gorgeous designs, beautiful models, and delightful smells. I can’t wait to attend again next year!

Want to see more of my photos from this amazing event? Check out my Photo Gallery for more of the gorgeous pics snapped by myself or Amanda of Amanda Vick Creative!

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