A Day in the Door

As September is quickly approaching, I am in disbelief at how quickly the Summer has come and almost gone. It’s not too surprising though when I think back on all of the events with friends and family, the softball tournaments for Jeff, and the weekend getaways. This Summer, I was able to spend a few days traveling to Door County, some of the more memorable of those days was the long weekend spent with my family and friends celebrating the love of my older brother Erik and his wife, Reme – more to come on that special weekend.

A few weeks prior to this celebration of love, I embarked on a day-trip up to Door County with my mom. Our destinations were loosely planned and we went wherever the winding roads took us. One of our first stops was to the venue for my brother’s wedding, as well as the hotel where the majority of the guests would be staying, just for some last-minute housekeeping. The rest of the trip was characterized by a stop for lunch at one of our longtime favorite spots in the very tip of peninsula, a stop at a family friend’s house for a catch-up and conversation, and touring the little towns as we headed back south from the northern most point.

Here’s a few of our favorite stops along the way…

A few other destinations that I love in Door County are…

There’s always so much to do in Door County – it’s impossible to do it all in one day! I also love how there’s truly something for everyone. Whether it’s renting kayaks or jet skis to get out on the water, posting up on a sandy beach, hiking trails, shopping, great restaurants, and beautiful views, Door County really does have it all. If you’re just heading up for the day, make sure to put together a list of your must-see stops. Spend the day hopping from town to town like my mom and I did, or dedicate a day to a town, either way you won’t be lacking in to-do’s.

Still on my Door County Bucket List is the drive-in theater, cherry picking, Door County Brewing Company, Island Orchard Cidery, and many more.


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