A Night at Hotel Indigo


A few weeks ago, Jeff and I ventured back to one of our favorite cities to celebrate a beautiful couple as they tied the knot. For our evening in Madison, we opted to stay downtown, a few blocks away from the capitol, to get back into the Madison vibe and lifestyle.

If you didn’t know, Madison will always hold a special place in my heart. I spent 4 amazing years as a student at UW-Madison, cheering for my Badgers, studying my butt off, and having a blast with my favorite people. After I graduated, I spent the first two years of my “adult” life there as well! I worked in sales for a big beer company, so I got to continue visiting my favorite college bars, cheer on my Badgers, and interacting with the UW-Madison community after! Needless to say, it was a smooth introduction into “adult” life. Since I relocated from Madison to Milwaukee, I have tried to get back to Madison to visit friends and this city I love so much as much as possible. This wedding was a perfect excuse to get back to Madison in the summer!

For this wedding, I let Jeff make all of the travel arrangements, since the weeks leading up to it, I had been traveling for work a lot! He did a great job when he let me know we were spending the night at the new Hotel Indigo. We don’t always have the opportunity to check our boutique hotels in the cities we stay – especially on road trips when cost is the major factor since we only sleep there – so this was a nice change of pace.


Prior to the wedding weekend, I did some research into where Hotel Indigo is located in Madison. Finding out it’s on East Washington, I knew I would love it. There’s been a lot of new developments, great restaurants, and a few amazing music venues in this part of town, and being just a few blocks from the capitol, it’s walking distance to so much more. Right when I walked into Hotel Indigo, I instantly loved the vibe. Modern decor, cozy gathering spaces, and pops of color caught my eye.

If it weren’t for the wedding, I would have loved to check out Palette Bar & Grill on the main floor of the hotel, but I’ve heard great things about the cocktails and food that they serve. It unfortunately didn’t open until after the ceremony began, and we had plans to meet up with friends between the ceremony and reception, so we didn’t have a chance to  get back!

With the entrance and main lobby already giving me positive feels, I was excited to get up to our room. We were immediately greeted by these amazing neon lights getting off the elevator, not too mention the Georgia O’Keefe mural, and sheer colored curtains to set a funky mood in the hallway. I loved all of the colors with rustic touches, yet modern details as well. Definite home decor goals.

And those quirky influences and sheer-colored curtains continued into our hotel room. Walking in, we were instantly overcome with a glimpse of lime green. The room was spotless, the walls covered with great prints, and perfect mirrors. I had to snap a quick pic in the full-length mirror as we freshened up before heading to meet our friends before the reception.

I never have a problem sleeping, well, anywhere, so saying I had a comfortable night of sleep may not mean that much. But, I did. I love plenty of pillows. I hate sheets. And I love cozy, king-size beds. So it was the perfect recipe for a great night of sleep after the wedding festivities.

Before we head back to Milwaukee in the morning, I had a chance to explore another part of the hotel, just a few steps up from the lobby. They had a few computers, comfy sitting areas, and more cute decor, it was much more welcoming and modern than your typical “business center”.

More pops of color, quirky decor, and the perfect quote for the Hotel Indigo in Madison. I could definitely see myself spending another night here, exploring the restaurant and bar, and lounging in any of the cool gathering spaces. I love this city so much, and now I know, this is my new favorite hotel in Madison.

The vast range of intelligent and talented characters are the colorful palette of influencers that paint the city of Madison.


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