Fall Style: MKE Love


I am SO excited to share my first collaboration project with you all! Through the Milwaukee chapter of Rising Tide Society, I connected with Megan, the owner and founder of The Busy Bee. She specializes in apparel for kids and adults, home goods, and stationary products, including the tee I am wearing in the photo above! She had the great idea to connect with fellow Rising Tide Society members, a lot of whom are photographers, to crowdsource lifestyle modeling and photography of her apparel. I wanted to take advantage of a new challenge and step outside my comfort zone, so I quickly reached out to Megan about wanting to participate myself!

I love living in downtown Milwaukee, and I was so excited not only for the awesome tee, but to help Megan’s business, and be a “model” for a few days! Having a camera (with my bf) follow me around is a new thing for me. I do have a few full-body photos on my insta and of course on my blog highlighting my full outfit, but it’s still something that takes a little extra bit of self-confidence to get used to. And I am continually working to build my self confidence to be able to share more of myself and my love for fashion with the world.


One of the best parts of this project, besides spending some extra time with my bf, was returning to a few of my favorite spots in the city, and getting creative with the shots. Both my bf and I are new to photography and he’s quickly become quite experienced directing a photo shoot and trying out interesting poses, angles, etc. He’s going to turn pro soon.

But less about the shoot, and more about the apparel itself! I LOVE the high-quality, super-soft heather red shirts she used with the distressed WI state print. The script of MKE (or whatever city you call home) is perfect for showing off your city with love! I am always looking for the perfect, comfy tee to pair with jeans or a skirt for a brunch date, or even just for lounging at home. This tee is now my go-to!

See more of the shoot below…


Besides having so much fun during the shoot, I am so happy I was able to help Megan with some lifestyle modeling photos for her business. That’s one of the things I love most about being a part of the Rising Tide Society, the whole idea is building this culture of community over competition. Using each other as resources and mentors as needed in the belief that one person’s success can enable as opposed to inhibit another’s success. I am happy with the way the photos turned out and I can’t wait to see when they’re featured on her site or social media in the future!


Live your style. Love your life.


ellie A.

Featured Apparel:

  • The Busy Bee MKE Tee
  • White Levi’s 501c Jeans
  • Merona from Target Metallic Sandals
  • Banana Republic Sunglasses
  • Denizen for Kohl’s High-Waisted Skinny Jeans
  • Toms Lace-Up Metallic Booties
  • Banana Republic Deep Red Plaid Button Up
  • J. Crew necklaces

Shooting Locations:




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