In the Fall, I took a trip out to San Francisco, CA. The primary reason for the trip was work-related for our Fall 2017 Sales Launch Meeting. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to planning ahead two seasons as we do in the fashion world, but I’m working on it. Though it wasn’t my first time to the city by the bay, it was my first time visiting the HQ for my company. I was very excited to immerse myself in the corporate culture and take a sip of the company lemonade. I always find (and found for previous jobs) that going to HQ or sales meetings always leaves me feeling inspired, dedicated, and excited about working for that particular company. Not too mention getting to meet and network with a ton of new people, and putting faces to the names of people I email everyday.

Contrary to my previous experience in San Francisco, my time there happened to cross-over with their version of an Indian Summer. When I stepped off the plane, it was 90 degrees. All of the sudden my cute booties and blazers seemed like the wrong choices and sandals and tanks should have been filling my suitcase. It’s amazing to me, coming from the Midwest, that people don’t exist on their A/C in the summer (especially when it’s 90+ degrees), and their heat in the winter. I’ve always lived in a four season climate and I love the variety in activities, wardrobe, and scenery throughout the year. Everyone I talked to in San Fran however did not have an air conditioning unit (what?). Also, they did not know if they had a heater or did not use it if they did. And I quote, “there’s this box on the wall in my apartment that I think is a heater, but I’ve never turned it on”. Well, of course they don’t need the A/C or the heat 98% of the year, but this week, their fans couldn’t spin fast enough to make them comfortable in the elevated temps. Besides potentially packing clothes that would leave me feeling too warm, I enjoyed the few days in the 80’s-90’s because it was an easy transition from home. Later in the week, temps returned to 60’s-70’s, and even lower when that fog rolls in. What an interesting climate that city experiences, kind of reminded me of Wisconsin, you’re sweating profusely one day and chilled to the bone the next.

Anyways – as I mentioned, the first half of my trip involved long hours at the office, analyzing new product, and making quick decisions on how to improve the product assortments at our retailers that are in-line with the new trends, but also will resonate with their customers. In other words, FUN! It was busy, but it was so interesting and exciting. I enjoyed being apart of the whole planning process for this season – seeing the new product, facilitating with assorting, planning for selling, and then analyzing the business results come next Fall. Besides the work, I had great dinners and drinks with my coworkers, did some shopping, and waited anxiously for Thursday to come when my SO would be arriving to join me for the weekend!

Finally, Thursday! J arrives in the afternoon, just in time for me to do a little more shopping in Union Square, grab some coffee and a light lunch, and pedal my wares (not actually pedaling of course, Lyft exists) over to Fisherman’s Wharf for our touristy stay.

Our first stop, besides the Applebee’s in the Wharf (it has a GREAT view), was to AT&T Park for a Giants game. The SF fans jacket game is on point – though I expect nothing less, because when that fog hit the top level of the stadium, I was chilly. Cross that stadium off of the list of baseball stadiums that we’ve seen (J has it on his bucket list to see them all), and what a great game it was. Did I mention they have kegs of Ghirardelli hot chocolate? Seriously. The best.

Friday was a LONG day. First stop, of course, was breakfast. Thankfully, there was a spot near our hotel that had biscuits and gravy for J, and eggs benedict for me. From there it was off to see the BRIDGE. It was an absolutely beautiful day in SF – crystal clear skies, sun shining, and tons of tourists in search of the same thing we were, the perfect picture of the Golden Gate, in all of it’s glory. We stopped at the café near the base of the bridge for coffee and a cookie before heading on to our next destination.

We lived the SoCal life for a little while as we drove down the coast to the Beach Chalet restaurant for an appetizer and drinks.

We really felt like we were back in LA staring out at the clear blue skies over the Pacific Ocean, as kites flew over the sandy beaches.

After this pit stop, we made our way through Golden Gate State Park and stumbled across a Bluegrass festival. There were people swarming the grounds in droves, with friends and coolers full of cold beverages in tow. The music, like the people, was upbeat, happy, and yet relaxed!

Walking further through the park, we also uncovered the Rose Garden. There were beautiful flowers in bloom, and I would love to return to see what the garden looks like in the middle of Spring or Summer.

San Francisco is a truly unique city, and I can’t wait to make my return there in another few months for our next sales meeting to see what I can uncover next time!

A few of our favorite stops along the way in SF…

Where’s your next Pursuit taking you?


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