You Like the Sauce?

I consider myself to be a VERY lucky girl when it comes to the man I’ve chosen to spend my life with! He’s sweet, generous, funny, and he likes to cook. When I told him that I was chosen to participate in the Influenster campaign for P.F. Chang’s Home Menu, and I’d be receiving one of their sauces to try at home, he was just as if not more excited than I was. Though I do like to lend a hand in the kitchen, I sometimes find that he likes to do most of the tasks, so I’m left with steaming the veggies and getting the dishes and silverware out. No complaints here, but my contributions tend to be more in the ideas and recipes department!

Jeff and I have a similar conversation a few times a week – what should we have for dinner? As a young, millennial couple whose schedules are not always routine, we sometimes struggle to put together meals that are both healthy, convenient and relatively quick to prep, and don’t taste bleh or boring.

I love chicken so I have no complaints to how often we eat that, but I love that with our Sesame Sauce from P.F. Chang’s, we could add a new flavor to the lineup. We opted to make a chicken, veggie, and rice stir fry that would have plenty of color and flavor.

Our first veggie choice was broccoli! Like most kids, it was a veggie I hated as a kid but I’ve come to love it over the past few years! My favorite way to eat it is steamed with a bit of cheese sauce. No surprise on the cheese, since I am from Wisconsin.

Our second veggie and the pop of orange cake from shaved carrots! It’s been so long since I’ve peeled and shaved carrots, that these were a fun treat! I typically enjoy them in the mini-variety from the prepackaged portion of the produce aisle.

The third veggie choice and the pop of reg cake from red peppers! They added a bit of manageable spiciness, crunch, and great color to the stir fry!

These ingredients provided the right combination of flavor, texture, and great color for our stir fry. These veggies plus the cooked chicken, stir fry rice, sesame sauce, and a hint of butter came together and checked all of our boxes for delicious meals. Healthy, easy to prep, and convenient.

Thanks to Influenster and PF Chang’s Home Menu for letting us try out their Sesame sauce! Definitely looking forward to recreating this recipe and utilizing this sauce in new recipes as well!


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