Sept Blogger Collab Day at Cedar Creek Winery

As the end of October is approaching, I think it’s a good time (finally) to share with you something I did and loved during the end of September. A few Sundays ago, I had the pleasure of participating in my third Blogger Collab Day at Cedar Creek Winery!


What is Blogger Collab Day, you ask? Well, it’s this awesome concept that two super AWESOME ladies in Milwaukee started putting on a few months ago. So far, I’ve attended all but one, and am just loving them. Essentially it’s a group of blogger babes, a few sponsors, one photographer, and a whole lot of fun! It’s all about creating content, creating connection, and creating a community among the bloggers, creatives, and brands in our city!


Why do I love Blogger Collab Day so much, you ask? Well, it comes down to a few things. I am always looking for opportunities to try new things. Whether it’s exploring new cities, parts of my city, restaurants, and activities, I’m up for it. And so far, Blogger Collab Day has delivered on that. I’ve been to a few new places in MKE, sampled some new food and drinks from different brands, and visited a new city in Wisconsin that I have come to love. But it’s not just about trying new things, it’s also about meeting new faces. I’ve loved being able to connect with other like-minded, creative, and awesome women in my area. And dare I say, I’ve actually made a few new friends.  As sad as it is, that’s not always easy for people my age or with my general social awkwardness to do.

But in addition to meeting new people, visiting downtown Cedarburg (for an extended period) for the first time, I also got to sample new WINES! Hello happiness, am I right? Before we got to sample though, we got a private tour, learned a bit about the history of this family owned and operated winery, and also learned about a few styles of wine that I have never heard of before. My favorite wine I sampled was definitely the Cranberry Blush. It’s a seasonal wine, and it’s ahhh-mazing! When I was back in Cedarburg a few weeks after, I made sure to stop by the winery to pick up a few more bottles, because the one I bought that day didn’t last long.

And, after all of that, it was time to enjoy some snacks, sip on some wine, and take some pics! A few of the snacks we were able to enjoy were delicious cookies from Yield Bakehouse, an assortment of cheese/fruit/crackers, and the Dark Chocolate Trail Mix from Farmer’s Fridge. But now, for the pics! Amanda Vick of Amanda Vick Creative is the photographer behind Blogger Collab Day, and she always does an amazing job. She makes sure to get a nice mixture of group shots, individual poses, and general stock photos of the event that can be used for anyone! With a quick turnaround, I’m talking < 1 week, the content is perfect and ready to be shared. Since you’ve been seeing some of these amazing images from this event throughout, I really don’t need to tell you how talented Amanda is. But she does have a partner in crime. Terressa of Terressa Nicole is another mastermind behind the Blogger Collab Day events. She is a talented marketer, content creator, and event planner now that she has a few of these events under her belt.

Check out a few more of the pics from the day! Also, how much are you loving these designed squash/pumpkins courtesy of Lettering by Natalie?

Though these aren’t quite as good as the ones Amanda captured, here’s a few more pics that I took during the event. Will I see you at the next one?


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