Winter Style: The Roundup

I can’t believe that today is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! Seriously, January always seems to take forever but the last month and a half have gone by so quickly I can’t even handle it! I can’t complain though, because I’ve had a great winter but this Midwest gal is ready for Spring!

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I love living in Wisconsin because of getting to experience four very different (and very fun to dress for) seasons throughout the year! Surprisingly enough, that includes Winter! I love cute coats, tall boots, and cold-weather accessories!

That includes puffy coats, fur lined boots, and think scarves in black and white!

And mixing silver knit scarves with a pink wool moto jacket!

And wearing a variety of plaid scarves with coats that hang past the knee!

But on days when the temps may rise into the 50’s (it is Wisconsin after all), there’s a chance to show off a little ankle with some cute heels and perfectly paired layers!

The holidays make it perfectly appropriate to rock mixed metallics, ankle booties, and midi skirts!

Give me all of the metallic pleated skirts, wool jackets, and cozy sweaters!

So many opportunities for sparkle, monochromatic outfits, and party-approved styles!

Did I mention that I love plaid and blanket scarves that basically make it acceptable and stylish to rock a blanket! Cozy & warm for the holidays!

Did I mention tall boots, colored coats, and cute totes for some holiday shopping?

Deep red fur vests and plaid button ups are the recipe for a great holiday/winter outfit. But all this reminiscing makes me smile thinking about the memories made in each of these outfits, but also makes me excited for the season to come. Can’t wait for Spring! Stay tuned for my next post sharing my favorite trends for the new season!


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