Spring Graced Box + New Store Grand Opening

With Spring just a few days in, I am getting anxious for the flowers and trees to start blossoming and blooming. I love when the the outdoors comes back to life and the air is filled with the scents of flowers, green grass, and bustling leaves. Spring, to me, is all about new beginnings. It’s close to the start of the year where everyone is redefining themselves or their goals for the new year. The temperatures are rising, the snow is melting, and the days are getting longer. With those new beginnings comes new opportunities, new experiences, and new things to be excited about!

It also means that I’ll be receiving some new “gifts” in the mail courtesy of the subscriptions boxes that I participate in. One of the two that I get consistently is from an amazing home decor and gift shop in my hometown called Graced. They send out a quarterly box, changing with the seasons, that features some decorative pieces, kitchen or home tools, paper goods, gift items, and sometimes a salty or sweet snack.

With the strong focus on the idea of regrowth, refresh, and renew during the Spring season, it’s no surprise that the Spring 2018 Graced Box had a botanical flare. Getting into gardening and having a few small plants around the apartment has been on my list of to-do’s for some time so I’m loving the fact that this box included an awesome stone vase that I’m excited to find a plant for! Also, the “I Like Being Alive” pin from Worthwhile Paper Co. is a sweet little addition to this season’s box, again playing off of the theme of spring being a time when nature comes back to life and celebrating that! But also, just celebrating our moments and our lives everyday!

In addition to the vase, the plant spritzer is both adorable and functional. Replace a plastic spray bottle with this beauty and it can be just as decorative as it is useful to have around the house.

As I mentioned, there’s typically a paper good included in the box that’s usually a decorative print or a card, and this one was no different. This beautiful watercolor Thank You card with the glass door and plant design will be the perfect way to express my gratitude to someone in the coming months. For now, I’ll just say thank you to Natalie for curating another amazing box!

Yay for another amazing Graced Box! I can’t wait to see what Summer will hold! But before I get ahead of myself, also along the lines of new beginnings and new things to get excited about. My favorite shop is a few weeks in on opening a second location!!

The new store is just 30 minutes south of the original in Sheboygan and I couldn’t be more excited for Natalie and to have one closer to me in Milwaukee (cough open another in Bayview cough). Sorry about that, had a slight coughing fit there!

The second location has the same great charm and space as the first and I’m so happy I was able to stop in for a visit on the day of the Grand Opening! When they first opened, they had a lineup of people waiting to get in and ready to Shop!

Things calmed down a bit by the time I got there, and thankfully they had plenty of inventory in a few of the pieces I really loved!

…always only about the good vibes! This will need to make its way to my desk at some point!

…I’ve been such a homebody lately, this is a perfect mantra and reminder to let yourself just be ok with staying home and not always needing to be on the go! Take advantage of the opportunity when you have it!

…yes! So many reasons to celebrate! I loved the collection of cards, especially the ones with gold foil!!

…so excited about this gorgeous tea!!

…again, always about the good vibes! Spread it!

As expected, there were many cute displays, a ton of new brands and featured products as the store’s tastes and trends evolve, and a few too many things that made their way home with me. If you’re ever in Sheboygan or Manitowoc, don’t forget to stop in! And if you’re not anywhere near those cities or Wisconsin, thankfully a bit of Graced can be delivered straight to your door through the Graced Box or their online shop!


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