Wear Your Story

Oh, happy day! Today is the official launch of the new Charms Collection at Kendra Scott! Not only are the charms and the bracelet or necklace or earrings you can wear them on absolutely adorable, I love how they’re made to encourage telling a story. Your story.

And I love stories. I’m an avid reader, obsessed with movies, and a blogger by night. I also have a passion for marketing, brand building, and social media. Stories, both my own and others, are woven throughout my entire life, and it’s always been an enjoyment of mine to hear them and share them. Which is why being able to select and wear jewelry sharing my story is so compelling.

I was able to preview a portion of the collection and was gifted a few of the charms for a bracelet that tells a bit about my own story. The collection consists of 10 bases that you can build your story on, ranging from link or bangle bracelets, long or short necklaces, and small or large hoop earrings. They’re available in 5 different metals, so whatever shade you prefer. And there are 75+ different charms to choose from – all of the letters of the alphabet, birthstones and healing stones, zodiac symbols and more.

Read on to find out which charms I chose and why.

I opted for the Double Link Toggle Bracelet in Gold for my base. The Double Links will allow for a lot of space to add multiple charms to my bracelet, and made it feel a little more unique than other link charm bracelets I’ve seen before.

Each of the charms comes with a small info card that shares what the symbol is and what it stands for or symbolizes. For my first charm, I selected the Duality Charm Set that consists of this Pearl charm and a Spike charm. This charm set is said to represent the sweet and strong in each of us, which I love. As a woman, we’re often find ourselves and can be expected to be both. To be sweet or soft, and to be strong, can be difficult to juggle. For me personally, it’s a reminder that there are situations where I need to be strong above all, but also situations where my innate softness or sweetness needs to prevail. Finding the balance between the two, not necessarily letting one win out over the other, is the key to handling any adversity or struggles that I may face.

For my second charm, I chose the Bright Eye Charm. This charm is said to represent seeing opportunity everywhere. It’s a nice reminder for me to keep looking forward, not behind, and not always down at my work or stress or whatever small tasks are keeping me occupied. Too often, I find myself caught up in the details, that I am not looking at the big picture and potentially missing important things. Especially when it comes to new opportunities. I don’t want to be so laser-focused on the to-do’s that I miss opportunities to learn, grow, and connect.

For my third charm, I chose the Unicorn Horn Charm. This charm is said to represent making your own magic. I was attracted to this charm instantly, not only because I’ve always been a fan of fairytales or beautiful stories where unicorns exist, but also because of it’s strength, it’s shape, and it’s hint of sparkle. It’s a reminder to me that life, and magic, is what you make of it. I’ve read and heard and know that I alone am responsible for my happiness and living a life that I love, and this charm is reminder to do so. If I  want to live a magical life, I can and must do that myself! I need to foster and care for my relationships, seek out new adventures, and take care of my own well-being.

I loved that I was able to wear my story to this past weekend’s Blogger Collab Day event, and I’ve worn it every day since! I can’t wait to see the rest of the charms and come up with new ways to wear and share my story!

What’s not to smile about when you’re spending time sipping wine at a gorgeous winery, laughing with a great group of women, and enjoying a beautiful Wisconsin Fall evening? Oh yeah, and wearing a cute outfit! I am looking forward to sharing more photos and stories from Blogger Collab Day on the blog, coming soon!


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