Trend Watch: Merry Gold

You may have noticed a trend start to emerge lately on my Instagram feed that involves a color I haven’t invited to the party in the past. Yellow. Or mustard. Or marigold. Whatever shade of crayon you want to associate this color with, there has definitely been an uprising of this hue in my wardrobe as of late.

Why haven’t I played with this color before? Well it all goes back to the lies we tell ourselves and the myths we let ourselves believe. For example, you can’t wear horizontal stripes because they make you look wider. It might be true, but then my next question is, who cares? I love a good horizontal stripe, and regardless of if it makes me look wider, more importantly, it makes me look cute and feel happy.

So yellow fell into this category for me. I’m not sure when or where this little piece of knowledge entered my brain, but I’ve long thought that I can’t wear yellow because I have blonde hair. Silly, right?

So I’ve long been avoiding this color in my palette, but when I saw the beautiful marigolds making a statement from a variety of stores’ Fall collections, I thought why not give it a try. Preconceived notions about what I should or shouldn’t wear be damned.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret; I’m glad I gave it a try. Not just because this zip-back sweater is super soft and amazingly comfortable, but because I look and feel happy wearing it. There’s no doubt that I love the deep reds and greens and blues that come alive during the Fall season, but I’m excited to add yellow into the lineup!

I love how well this color pairs with my gray skinny jeans and gold or silver accessories! Some of my favorite trees to look at in the fall are the ones whose leaves turn a bright yellow with hint of orange and this color reminds me of those. Oh yeah, orange, that’s my next color to crack.

For me, my personal style is all about having fun, trying new things, and loving the classics. It’s about experimenting, getting out of your comfort zone at times, and not caring what people think. I love getting dressed in the morning because I can tell a story with my outfit. How I’m feeling, what trends I’m loving, where I’m going or want to go, and more. What it’s not telling you is that I’m someone who’s afraid to try something or thinks I can’t do something! What’s your outfit saying? Do you believe any myths when it comes to your personal style?

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