30 Things to Do + See + Learn Before I Turn 30


With almost a month of my last year in my twenties already in the past, I wanted to circle back on my list of the 29 things I did/saw/learned before I turned 29 that I shared back in October. Looking back on this list, my 28th year was a blast – full of a lot of great memories, trips, and changes. But, I go in to each year of life with a feeling that my next one could be even better. Thinking about me a year from now, just beginning my thirties, I want to look back on my 29th year and my twenties in general with a sense of accomplishment, joy, and gratitude. Based on years 20-28, I know the feelings I will have when I look back on my twenties won’t be too far off, but there’s something to be said about going big to close out this decade of my life in style. With that said, here’s a few things I want to have done, seen, or accomplished by then, including a few things I already know are on the horizon.


  • Travel back to Texas & visit Dallas again.
  • Visit Austin & take my official state capitol picture.
  • Visit Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco.
  • Travel back to California.
  • See a Broadway show or musical.
  • Begin volunteering on a consistent basis – at least once a month!
  • Start a small garden of herbs, fruits, or veggies.
  • Pay down $5K+ of my student loans.
  • Travel back to Europe.


  • Run another half marathon & beat my previous race time.
  • Develop a consistent routine for my Life Styled by Leena blog & Instagram – getting there but still some work to do!
  • Lose 30+ lbs aka. make healthy eating, exercising, and self-loving a main priority in my life and daily routine.
  • Cross another 4-5 state capitols off of my bucket list.
  • Travel back to New York.
  • Attend a Gals That Brunch event in another city.
  • Meet my new niece or nephew!
  • Attend a conference/retreat for bloggers, creatives, or women entrepreneurs.
  • See the Spice Girls in concert on their newly announced tour! Plus other concerts as well – hopefully Ariana Grande, Halsey, or Drake make the list.


  • Plan & attend 12+ brunches for Gals That Brunch!
  • Learn how to use the DJ software on my computer.
  • Continue to find new ways of pushing me out of my comfort zone – socially, spiritually, physically, or mentally.
  • Read 12+ books of varying genres.
  • Learn basic Finnish phrases, greetings, and vocabulary.
  • Save $5K+ towards buying a house.
  • Start writing a book.
  • Continue to build my side gigs – brunch leader, style blogger, content creator.
  • Speak at a live event.
  •  Build a consistent and reliable additional source of income from my side gigs.
  • Enjoy each moment. Even the kind of crappy ones.

Though doing 30 things doesn’t seem like too much when you’re talking about a year as your time frame, some of these things are bigger and require more time and resources to complete. And some of them are smaller, and can be accomplished quite easily as long as time is available to dedicate to them. This is just a snapshot of what I have planned and see myself doing within the next year, but this list can always change. Any changes in priorities, responsibilities, or life events can definitely cause a shift in the list – whether it’s removing existing plans or adding new ones.


I love setting goals and making plans, because I always feel like I have something to look forward to. It’s important to me to feel like I am growing and developing. That could be in the form of personal development I find from reading books, seeing the world, learning a language, or picking up a new hobby. Or that could be professional development as I look for opportunities to grow my business, improve upon my time management skills, and share my knowledge with others. And finally, that could come through physical development, as I search for ways to test and change my body, improve my overall health, and train my mind to be more loving and kind.


I also love this process of determining what I want to do, see, or learn over the next year because it requires reflection, honesty, and passion. I appreciate the opportunities where I can reflect on what I’ve done in the past. In order to know where you’re going, it’s important to know and appreciate where you’ve been. It also requires that I be honest about what I like, what’s important to me, and what I want for myself. And this reflection and honesty allows me to consider what I want to do in the future. I can tell from this list where my passions lie; Traveling, self-care & development, connecting with and helping other people. These themes are woven in different ways throughout the list above, and are key activities that I see for myself in the future. I can’t do all of these things all of the time, nor will I accomplish this list overnight. Life is a constant journey of growth, opportunity, and passion, and I’m excited to pursue each one of those things everyday.

Photos by Amanda Vick Creative.

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