Brunch BTS: Life as the City Leader for Gals That Brunch


Since this is a collection of what I’m doing, eating, wearing, and visiting, it’s about time I give you a peak at where I’m brunching. More specifically, I want to provide some great recaps and resources on the best places to grab brunch with your squad in Milwaukee. If you’re not from here, you can be sure to check them out the next time you’re in town. And if you are located in this awesome city, I apologize already for the mouth-watering that is going to occur. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this sooner, but it’s time to really start talking about the community that is Gals That Brunch.

Earlier this year, I became the City Leader in Milwaukee for Gals That Brunch. Travel back in time with me for a second as I embarked on this journey. I was 28, missing my best girlfriends that live in other cities and states, and trying to figure out how to put myself out there to meet some new people and make some new friends. Apparently, when you’re no longer in school or organized sports, finding opportunities to meet new people can be a little bit trickier. So how could I find opportunities to connect with other women in my city? There really is something to that whole “ask and you shall receive” idea. Cue Gals That Brunch.

I found myself down in the Instagram worm-hole of recommended people to follow one night and I stumbled across a page with a gorgeously pink and sparkly logo representing the main community page for Gals That Brunch. With all of the cities where they currently had chapters adorning their Instagram bio and not seeing WI, I clicked to their website to confirm my suspicions. To my disappointment, there wasn’t a chapter in Milwaukee or Wisconsin. I thought to myself, gosh this was going to be perfect. What better way to meet new women in a casual, relaxed environment than at brunch. Mimosas, Eggs Benedict, and some fun conversation was on the menu, but in seemingly every other city except MKE. I was bummed…

Then it occurred to me. There wasn’t a chapter in Milwaukee or Wisconsin yet. And from there came the questions. I wondered how new chapters come to be? Is there a process for getting signed up? Can anyone (like me) become a City Leader? Did I have time to plan and attend brunch once a month? Don’t I already have enough responsibilities? Would anyone even come? And then it also occurred to me; I want to do this. And I love brunch so I definitely can find time to plan and attend one event each month. And if you plan it, they will come. So I found their contact email, started typing, hesitated slightly, but eventually I clicked send.

Within a few days, I was on the phone with the original Gal That Brunches herself, Tiffany. All the way from sunny San Diego, she was telling me all about her story. Why she got started, how she plans her brunches, how many chapters exist across the country, and why she loves it. I could feel her passion, excitement, and good vibes from thousands of miles away and it lit a fire in me. The moment she said it was official, I started brainstorming all of the places I wanted to bring the group, how to start building this community in Milwaukee, and all of the ways I was going to make Tiffany and the Gals That Brunch community proud. So fast forward to present day. Just a few days after my 8th brunch as the City Leader and I am so happy I sent that email.

There was one thing I knew right from the beginning; I believe in this group. Gals That Brunch stands for the idea of “Creating Community, One Brunch at a Time” and that was something I wanted to be apart of. For me, it’s about bringing people together, trying new things, and of course, sipping on mimosas. Eight months and brunches later, I get more excited each and everyday about the future of this community, and the group here in Milwaukee. There hasn’t been one bad brunch in the bunch, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to connect with women, local businesses, and restaurants in this city that I love so much.

Here’s a recap of where we’ve been, although I’m not at liberty yet to share where we’re going.

Over 100+ new faces, 200+ mimosas, and 8 great opportunities to explore the food scene of this city with some amazing women. Cheers to many, many more!

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