Wellness Update: Weeks 7 + 8

IMG_3098I can’t believe I’m already writing this post almost two weeks after the end of the #BarreLifeChallenge at Barre District! They do say time flies when you’re having fun, and when you’re busy, whether that’s your choice or not. At the beginning of the 8 week challenge, which now feels like it passed in the blink of an eye, I attended my first Barre class. And now, after those 8 weeks, I attended almost 40. Thinking back on where I was before the challenge started, I was nervous for the classes but anxious for a change. I made a commitment to myself to do my best to complete as many classes, and get as many stickers as possible, and I think that was accomplished.


I also had goals that I wanted to reach from completing this challenge. I wanted to see weight loss (check), lose inches in key areas (check), feel more energized and motivated (check), increase my strength and flexibility (check), and make exercise a priority (check). In my first post about the challenge, I had it in my mind that I wanted to complete 50 classes in the two months, even above the 45 class/sticker goal from the challenge. I don’t want to laugh at myself from that time, but it was an audacious goal that would have required only 11 days for rest/travel/life to get in the way of going to a class in the past two months. I would have loved to achieve that during the challenge, but though some days were within my control, most of the days I couldn’t make a class were out of my control.


Daily Breakdown (Week 7):

  • Monday 4/15 – Barre (55 min, 294 calories)
    • 5,642 daily steps
  • Tuesday 4/16 – BarreFight (55 min, 449 calories)
    • 6,479 daily steps
  • Wednesday 4/17 – Barre (45 min, 316 calories)
    • 5,139 daily steps
  • Thursday 4/18 – Barre (55 min, 342 calories)
    • 4,708 daily steps
  • Friday 4/19 – Barre (55 min, 264 calories)
    • 7,004 daily steps
  • Saturday 4/20 – Rest
    • 6,708 daily steps
  • Sunday 4/21 – Walking (25 min, 129 calories)
    • 7,246 daily steps

Which all rolls up to…

Week 7 Totals:

  • Workouts Completed  5
  • Total Minutes – 265 (4.4 hours)
  • Total Calories – 1,665
  • Total Steps – 41,798
  • Avg. Steps per Day – 5,971


Looking at week 8, here’s where my exercise schedule ended up…

Daily Breakdown (Week 8):

  • Monday 4/22 – Barre (55 min, 227 calories)
    • 4,861 daily steps
  • Tuesday 4/23 – BarreFight (55 min, 501 calories)
    • 6,584 daily steps
  • Wednesday 4/24 – Barre (55 min, 287 calories)
    • 5,489 daily steps
  • Thursday 4/25 – BarreBase (30 min, 218 calories)
    • 8,927 daily steps
  • Friday 4/26 – BarreExpress (30 min, 185 calories)
    • 7,478 daily steps
  • Saturday 4/27 – Rest
    • 6,708 daily steps
  • Sunday 4/28 – Walk (25 min, 129 calories)
    • 7,246 daily steps

Which all rolls up to…

Week 8 Totals:

  • Workouts Completed  6
  • Total Minutes – 250 (4.2 hours)
  • Total Calories – 1,547
  • Total Steps – 47,293
  • Avg. Steps per Day – 6,756


And here’s where the measurements ended up for the end of Week 8.

  • Weight = 208 (-3.4 lbs)
  • Bust = 41.75 (-0.25 inches)
  • Waist = 36.75 (-1.25 inches)
  • Hips = 41.50 (-1.50 inches)
  • Right Arm = 12.0 (-.50 inches)
  • Left Arm = 12.0 (-0.25 inches)
  • Right Thigh = 23.25 (-1.25 inches)
  • Left Thigh = 23.0 (-1.5 inches)

And looking at those numbers, though they don’t look too drastic, I definitely feel more toned in my legs and arms, thinner around the middle, and a little bit smaller in my bust and hips. My jeans have been fitting better, and I feel like I look smoother in my tummy and am less self-conscious about wearing tighter fitting tops!


I can’t believe that March and April and the 8 weeks of the Barre Life Challenge are already past! I enjoyed each of the classes that I took at the studio and will definitely be back again for more BarreFight and Barre classes. All of the instructors were extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the classes they taught. They made it extremely easy to follow the choreography throughout each class, and they made any new attendees feel supported and welcome throughout!


My biggest struggles throughout the challenge stemmed from my usual obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly – time, prioritization, and motivation. I actually loved going to the 6am classes at the beginning of the challenge because I got my exercise out of the way right away in the morning. When I was at work during the day, I felt more focused and energized, and then could come home and enjoy making dinner, relaxing, or doing any other activities on my calendar or to-do list without guilt. Working full-time in a mostly sedentary job, managing hobbies and relationships, and making sure I am balancing all of that with a focus on taking care of my health and wellness can be tricky. Losing motivation to commit to an exercise plan when all of life’s other challenges, deadlines, and priorities get in the way can be easy.

Though I’m still working on viewing exercise as not just something I should be doing consistently, but something I want to do and enjoy doing, it makes it easier when you find types of movement, a support system, or classes that are motivating and enjoyable. It doesn’t always have to be a challenge like the #BarreLifeChallenge that motivates you to get moving, but a gym that you love, instructors who continue to push you, or a personalized workout plan to help you achieve your goals can do the trick too! Whatever your motivation or goals, remember that big changes take time, persistence, and patience. And if you slip up or miss a day, relax and forgive yourself. It happens to all of us. As long as you’re doing the best you can do every day, that’s all that it takes. And your best one day might not be the same as yesterday or tomorrow, and that’s ok. Just remember that it’s a journey. And it might not be easy, but it will be worth it.


Thank you for following along with this portion of my journey. Though the challenge is over, this doesn’t mark the end of my fitness journey. I am still working towards finding the routine and movements that I love and help me achieve my goals. Stay tuned for a big announcement on what I’m going to be trying out next!

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