Wellness Update: Week ?

Hey hey hey – I’m back! So you know those moments where you look back at the last time you did something and realize days, weeks, or months have gone by? I’m experiencing that. Right. Now.

For me, it’s only been weeks (and not months), since the last time I published a post on my wellness journey! I felt bad about it for a moment until I realized that not writing and posting about it didn’t mean I wasn’t still committed to the journey! I will still doing, just not sharing as much. Anyways, the past few weeks have been super busy – between travel, work, weddings, birthdays, holidays, and all of that in between, it’s been a challenge to stay on track, so to speak. But I only mean that in terms of posting on this blog of mine. Despite lots of good foods and drinks that have come with all of those celebrations, I’m still on track with my wellness journey.

But, before I dive into what the past few weeks have looked like from a fitness perspective, I have big news.

I’m breaking up with…the scale.

It’s not me. It’s it. Sure, it still functions fine and gives me an answer when I ask for it. But it’s unreliable. Tricky. Temperamental. And sometimes gives an answer without having all of the facts. Who can be in a relationship with someone like that? Not me.

I’ve known this subconsciously for a long time, but my weight does not define me. That little number on that weird little pedestal in my bathroom means nothing. My size in tops and dresses and pants and bras and undies doesn’t matter. What matters is feeling good in my skin and whatever clothes I choose to wear. Not worrying about what the scale says and focusing on how I feel, appreciating my amazing body, and working hard to ditch the insecurities. As a woman, I’ve been fed lies all of my life about how I should look and act and speak and do.

  • I should be this size if I want to be happy.
  • Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
  • If only I could lose these last 3 pounds and I can finally love myself.
  • You need to diet and work hard everyday to be healthy.
  • No pain, no gain.

…EFF THAT NOISE. Here’s what I say to all of those LIES –

  • …or you can just be happy.
  • …sure, but have you tried donuts?
  • …you don’t love yourself already? Start there, then go after your goals!
  • …or you can eat and move your body and enjoy it to be healthy.
  • …please don’t hurt me.

I’m over all the calorie counting, macro tracking, and daily weigh-ins. I’m over listening to what other people and the media tells me that I “should” be doing to lose weight and be healthy. Because who is that helping? You? Me? Nobody? It’s the latter.

I’m going to love myself and my body and take care of it, treat it well, and respect it just like I would anybody else that I love!

So am I giving up on my wellness updates? Hell no. I am still on a journey of health. Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the goal and each day I am faced with choices about what that looks like, and it might not always be the same. Sharing my health and wellness journey could be talking about a workout that I’ve tried and loved, my beauty & self-care routine, recipes I love, or another challenge or milestone that I’m working towards. I want my wellness journey to be full of fun, happiness, and excitement about where I’m going, not full of shame, guilt, or have to do’s like in the past.

  • No more shame for eating that sugary sweet or going over my daily calorie “goal”.
  • No more guilt for having a “bad day” or not getting a workout in.
  • No more I have to eat only these foods or workout this much to lose weight.

Working with Justine from Crunches Then Cocktails, I’ve learned a lot about nutrition, small changes I can make each day that lead to big changes, and how my mindset has a serious impact on my results. People always say that you will “believe it when you see it”, but Justine always says that you will “see it when you believe it”. It means I need to stop feeling unworthy, incapable, or doubtful about achieving my goals. Things I’ve done in the past haven’t worked before, but that’s not what’s happening this time. Without overthinking/planning/analyzing it, I am making small changes, staying consistent, and being more positive about the future. For me that means getting out and moving 3-4 times a week in a variety of ways – fitness classes, walking, etc. For me that means enjoying the foods I’m eating because it’s what my body wants and needs at that moment. That’s the key piece of it is understanding what my body wants and needs. Eating and moving my body is the most basic, natural thing, but for so long, I’ve stressed about it, felt shame and guilt about it, deprived myself, and given up on my goals.

Not this time.

To give you an actual exercise update, lately I have been loving Shred415 East Side! I started taking more classes there a few weeks ago and am loving the way it makes me and my body feel! I am reminding myself of the athlete that I have always been and it feels fabulous! It’s dynamic, fast-paced, and just what I need 2-3 times a week. I love the variety because I sometimes can get bored. I love the intensity because I know my body can be pushed further. I love the community because I know when I’m struggling, I’m not in it alone. Plus, burning 500-700 calories per class, getting my heart rate up, and seeing improvements in my body along the way feels pretty dang good.

So my Wellness Update posts are going to be a little less structured going forward than they have in the past. I just want to do what feels right and though I liked the old format (tracking daily exercises, burned calories, and weekly measurements) during the Barre Life Challenge, I want it to feel a little more fluid and natural moving forward! I’m still keeping track of my measurements for my own sake and because I have a bridesmaid dress I need to zip up in two months, but it’ll be more sporadic instead of every week. I hope you don’t mind the change, but if you have any questions about my journey along the way, send them over!

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