Sale-ing Into Fall Style

It seems like I can’t log on to Instagram, Facebook, or any internet browser without being bombarded with sales this week from every store. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a great deal on pieces I love, but there’s no reason to go crazy. In the past, I’ve looked at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Prime Day, and other stores that get in on the discount train this week as an excuse to over-indulge and take the treat myself idea a little too far. This meant buying stuff I don’t really need or recognizing once everything’s delivered that I already have something similar. This year, I wanted to be more strategic with what I bought and the sales I shopped. Not to say I didn’t buy a few things I didn’t need, but I wanted some practical pieces too.

Though I definitely do follow the trends, I always approach trendy pieces with the following questions…

  • Do I see myself wearing this more than 2-3 times? If not, why? What’s the cost per wear for this piece?
  • Would this piece or trend still be relevant at this time next season? Is it at its peak or still in the early stages?
  • Is this piece me? Or am I buying it to try to look like someone else?
  • Is this from a brand that I trust? Is it a good quality for the price?
  • Do I already have something similar? Does that need to be replaced? Is this filling a gap in my wardrobe?

This way I really understand why I’m buying what I’m buying and I know how it fits in my lifestyle. Even though I like to bring new pieces into my wardrobe and can switch up my aesthetic from day to day, I still want to make sure anything I buy works with other things in my closet and it feels like it fits me, literally and metaphorically.

Though it is still summer and I am in no rush for that to end, there were a few pieces and trends for Fall that I was on the hunt for during the early access to the Nordstrom Sale, as well as from the sales that Banana Republic and J.Crew had this week. It does make it a little weird to start planning out Fall outfits and my wardrobe in the middle of July, but I knew I have a few gaps to fill and want to take advantage of the deals. And who doesn’t fall into the hype from time to time…

Show Me the Snake Skin

I’ve been seeing so many gorgeous snake skin printed pieces from last fall and throughout 2019. I have a long skirt in a light pink/gray print and a pair of heeled mules in snake skin, but I was focused on finding a pair of snake skin booties for fall that will allow me to play in this great animal print. I loved seeing the variations in colors for this print between warm neutrals and contrasting colors.

Here are a few of my favorite snakeskin pieces that I saw…

More Mustard

I’ve talked about this before, but I used to always avoid yellow, marigold, and mustard colored pieces. With my blonde hair and typically pale complexion, I wasn’t sure they worked for me. I’ve been adding a few marigolds/mustards to my wardrobe since last Fall, but with the cute options I saw, I knew it couldn’t hurt to have a few more. From footwear to sweaters and everywhere in between, there were plenty of options to bring this gorgeous fall hue home.

Here are a few of the marigold/mustard pieces that I loved…

Hello Moto

If I had to choose one type of jacket (besides a jean jacket), that I’d say is my favorite or my go-to, it would definitely be a moto jacket. It obviously depends on the occasion and the time of year, but I instantly feel so much more stylish when I throw on a moto jacket. It’s always a recommendation of mine to have a staple black leather jacket in your wardrobe because it’s such a versatile and stylish piece. It’s one place where I think it’s ok to splurge since it seriously won’t ever go out of style. If leather isn’t your thing and you love all of the color in your life, I’ve found a lot of great moto or moto-inspired jackets in a variety of fabrics and colors. All of which would be perfect for fall.

I picked up a gorgeous gray one from the NSale that’s not like anything I already own and is going to look amazing with the white/gray snakeskin booties I snagged.

Here’s a few of my favorite moto jackets…

Neverending Neutrals

There’s nothing more versatile than a great neutral. Whether it be in a top, pant, or shoes, it’s important to have some neutral pieces in your closet that are high quality and evergreen. Not so much a trend, besides what types of fits and silhouettes are popular for the season, neutrals withstand season over season. Like with a leather moto jacket, this is also an area where I feel like it’s ok to splurge. A beautiful cream, ivory, or oatmeal crewneck sweater is practical but luxurious in a cashmere fabric. Take good care of that piece and it can last you years with an extremely cost per wear, despite the initial investment.

Here’s a few fantastic neutral pieces that would take any closet from good to great…

Smooth Transitions

In the Midwest, or at least in Milwaukee where I live, we know that dressing for the season is very important. Winters are cold and long, summers are short and hot, fall is gorgeous, and spring barely exists. With monthly, weekly, and daily temperature variations being as drastic as they can be at times, it’s important to have pieces that work with the in-between time. I have my thick boots and winter jacket when the temps are unspeakably low, as well as my shorts and tanks and light summer dresses when they’re unspeakably hot, but we do spend a lot of time in the middle of the extremes.

Especially going into Fall, I wanted to make sure I found a few pieces to add to my wardrobe that could transcend multiple seasons. For me, this meant long tank dresses that could be layered, short sleeve sweaters, and lightweight sweaters.

I found some great options in all of these categories, and my favorites are…

Fall Wedding Season

With 3 weddings, a rehearsal dinner, and a baby shower left for this event season, I know I’ll have a few more opportunities to wear some nicer dresses this fall. Planning for August, September, and October weddings in Wisconsin can be a tricky task, since October could see snow, August and September could still be in the 80’s-90’s, or it could be a chilly fall season throughout. Therefore, buying dresses ahead of time could seem ill-advised, but I saw some great options that could work with or without a coat, would work with tights if needed, and could go well with open or closed toes.

The idea was to find a dress or two that could transition well from one season to the next, and could work for multiple occasions. I have a few still hanging in my closet that shouldn’t be, so I figured it was ok to get a few options in this category once I clean out some old, ill-fitting options.

Here’s a few dresses I loved to finish out this wedding season…

Ps. By using the links above and making a purchase, I do get a small commission off of that sale. I personally purchased a few of these items and linked the others as “wishlist” items, or ones I would buy if I had an unlimited budget. Wouldn’t that be something…

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