Polish It Up

What’s the first thing you notice about a person? Their smile, hair, teeth, outfit, etc? There’s so many characteristics one could notice about you first, but who the hell cares? Well, truthfully, most people do. And I can be one of them. We all want to make a great first impression so we do things that make us feel and look good to help us achieve that. We do our hair, paint our nails, curate our outfit, put on makeup, and do all of the things so that outwardly, we look good. Because I’ve said it before, and I believe it, that when you look good, you feel good, and vise versa.

Self-care is a continuous process, and it looks different for everyone. It’s not about taking one bath, or getting your nails or hair done once, it’s about continuing to do little (or big) things that nurture your soul, your mind, and your body. This can be spiritually expressed through meditation, breathing exercises, and participating in your religion. You can take care of your mind by reading, enjoying music, or appreciating art. And you can take care of your body by doing a few of the things I’ve mentioned above or exercising or whatever you like, but ultimately taking steps to look and feel your best and take care of yourself.

It feels good to me to take care of myself and my outward appearance. I take time to do my hair, because I like how it looks when I take the time to style it. I put makeup on almost everyday, because that’s when I feel like I look my best. I get my nails done every few weeks, because I like how they look when they’re done. But what do I do for my skin?

Sure, I wash and moisturize it everyday. I treat it when unwelcome pimples pop up, and I’ve used masques in the past, but’s it been a while. But that’s all primarily for my face. What about the skin on my arms and legs and back and tummy? Where’s the love there? Not that my skin on my body is neglected by any means, I do my best to keep it moisturized, protected from the sun, and feeling soft and smooth. But I couldn’t remember the last time I did a little something extra for it.

Getting ready for my trip to Miami and thinking about being in a swimsuit or showing off my legs and arms in a dress or romper meant a lot more of my skin being exposed than normal. Thinking about everything else I was taking care of before me trip, I thought what about my skin?That’s when I knew I wanted to try the Body Polish spa service at Neroli Salon & Spa! In the days leading up to my Miami trip, I head out to the Neroli location in Brookfield to get my skin polished.

When I entered, I was instantly greeted and brought back to the spa portion of the salon. Being my first legit spa service at Neroli, I got the rundown on the changing suite, given my robe and sandals, and led to the relaxation room. There was soft music, a warm damp towel to clean my hands, and a fire crackling in the fire place. A minute after I sat down, I was given a bowl of warm water to soak my feet. Needless to say, I was in heaven. And very relaxed. Truthfully, I was so impressed with the service and steps taken to provide a nourishing and tranquil environment, I could have hung out there for a bit, enjoyed the soft music, cleared my mind, and then went home and been good.

But then I remembered, I still had a body to polish! After a few minutes in the relaxation room, Lindsay came and got me to get started. Just like when you get a massage, I laid down on a soft table and let Lindsay go to work. Using dried herbs and sea salts, she began exfoliating my skin. It truthfully felt so good and almost like a massage, just with the added benefit of leaving with soft, supple skin.

After the sea salt scrub, I was led back to the changing suite for a steam shower. I love Aveda products so much, so I was all for it. They’re always great quality, pleasing to the nostrils, and leave my hair and skin feeling transformed. Following the steam shower, we returned to the service room for Lindsay to apply a replenishing moisturizer. My skin felt so alive and amazing. It’s a wonderful feeling to have all of the dead skin, imperfections, and whatever clogging my pores just scrubbed away. I don’t think my skin has ever felt that clean and moisturized in my life.

When my service was finished, I half expected my skin to sparkle like Edward in Twilight when I stepped out into the sun. It didn’t, but I felt like it did. I was definitely ready to show off my legs and arms on my trip and for the rest of the summer after that treatment!

As with any service provider I’ve had at a Neroli salon, Lindsay did an amazing job. She was extremely professional, kind, and helpful when I asked questions. I actually found out that her parents live in Miami, so she gave me a full list of recommendations for places to check out while I was there! It was another wonderful experience, and o would definitely recommend giving your skin a polish if you’ve got a trip or a big event coming up, if you haven’t already!

*This post was sponsored by Neroli Salon & Spa and I received this service complimentary. I’ve always had an amazing experience with this business, however all opinions are my own!*

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