Bachelorette Party Prep Checklist

In just two short weeks, I’m going to be flying down to the great state of Florida to explore Miami for the first time! Me and 8 of my friends are celebrating the Bachelorette Party for a forever friend, Katie! I am so excited for a long weekend away with my besties, enjoying the sunshine, beaches, and culture that makes up this lively city! You better believe that Will Smith will be on repeat throughout the weekend – I’ve already apologized to the girls in advance, but I can’t wait to hear ‘Bienvenido a Miami’!

Before I jet off to FL, I’ve got a few to-do’s on my list to prepare myself, both physically and mentally. When I’m getting ready for any trip or event, such as a bachelorette party, wedding, or work trip, there’s also a few things I need to do. The list may look different depending on the time of year and the occasion, but my first step is scheduling the necessary appointments. Before the Bachelorette Party in Miami, that means I’m adding the following appointments to my schedule…

  • Haircut & color (before I got this done on Tuesday, it’d been 6 months…)
  • Manicure & Pedicure (I’m thinking super bright colors!)
  • Eyebrow & *other* Wax
  • Spray Tan

Beyond my usual appointments, I am so excited to try a few new services, courtesy of Neroli Salon & Spa! The Neroli Salon & Spa locations in Milwaukee are a few of my favorites! So far I’ve had a chance to have services at the Bayshore and East Side locations, and my experience was nothing but the best. The salons themselves are impeccably decorated, the employees and stylists are always professional, and my results are always on-point. Since I’ve typically only been there for hair-related services in the Salon, I am excited to check out the Spa and try out a few new services.

  • Full Set Eyelash Extensions
  • Brightening Facial
  • Body Polish Treatment

For the waxing services, I typically head to High Brow Boutique in Whitefish Bay to get my eyebrows done every few weeks, and I am planning to head there to try a Brazilian wax and Full Let wax for the first time…ahhh.

For my manicure/pedicure, I plan to head to Anthony Vince Nail Spa in Wauwatosa (it’s right on my way home from work). They have so many color options for the powder dip, which is what I always do on my fingernails now. It lasts so long and holds up to daily wear and tear that polish or gel hasn’t withstood for me in the past. And they serve wine!

And when it comes to the spray tan, I’ve typically just hit up Sun Tan City for a quick appointment! This is where I always used to go to use the tanning beds when I was in college, but now the only service I get there is a spray tan. They also always have great deals like if you’ve never been to their locations before, your first spray tan visit is free. I plan on taking advantage of the 2 spray tans for $29.99 deal they have going on right now – one before Miami and one before the wedding!

Again, for certain events and depending on the time of year, this may seem like a bit much. Since I’m heading down to Miami in July, anything that get’s me pool/beach-ready is a necessity, and the facial/body polish/spray tan will prepare my skin for the heat and give me a nice sun-kissed glow! Besides the obvious booking and packing, I feel like every little thing you’re doing to get you ready for a trip just increases the excitement and improves the overall experience, both physically and mentally.

This list may not look the same for everyone. It’s all about you and doing things to prepare for your big event that make you feel good and make you feel ready! If that’s a full day at the spa, beautiful! If that’s a new nail polish and foot scrub for an at-home mani/pedi, sounds perfect! Whatever you need to do to get ready for your event that helps you to look and feel your best is what I recommend. You do you!

But anyways, over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you BTS (not for the wax, don’t worry) as I get ready for my trip to Miami and the wedding to follow! I strongly believe that when you look good, you feel good. But even more strongly I believe that when you feel good, you look good. I do all of these things because they make me feel good. And taking care of my skin, hair, and nails also makes me look good, but that also makes me feel good. See what I did there.

If you’ve tried some of these services before, I’d love to hear your tips or tricks to having a great experience! If you haven’t, tell me all of your questions and I’ll get all of the answers during my appointments!

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