My First Bikini Wax at High Brow Boutique

In my efforts to get ready for summer events, like the bachelorette party trip to Miami, I created my bachelorette party prep checklist this summer. This was a list of all of the beauty services I wanted to have done before the trip, some familiar and some new. During the hot summer months, even without a trip to Miami, there’s always an opportunity to be in a bathing suit so I wanted to make sure I was ready – both physically and mentally. One of the new ways I prepared for that this year was getting my first Brazilian bikini wax. As you may know I only trust High Brow Boutique for my waxing needs so I was eager to try out the new service.

Though I typically grab my complimentary glass of champagne every time I go to High Brow, I definitely needed it to help me relax before my bikini wax. I found out after that some clients opt to take a Tylenol before their wax to get ahead of any pain or discomfort they might experience during or after the service. I did end up taking some after, so I might try to take one prior before I get my next one!

You read that right, I would get a bikini wax again, thanks to the wonderful service I received from Monica at High Brow. She instantly made me feel comfortable and I knew she was a pro. I was obviously a little nervous and self-conscious going in for this type of service but you have to remember this is her job and just like your doctor or pedicurist, she’s probably seen worse.

The images I had in my head about how this bikini wax was going to go were totally wrong. Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and Sex & the City, I envisioned my leg up over my head, a couple quick pulls of the wax strips and you’re done. Not so. If you’re familiar with yoga positions, it was more so a reclined butterfly pose for the main part and then you roll over on your side to clean up the back. I’d definitely recommend a good hip stretch before you go as holding that position for the length of the appointment can be a bit trying on the hips.

I opted to wear a cozy sweatshirt material dress for my service! This allowed me to be comfortable before, during, and after the service. I wouldn’t recommend tight pants or leggings after a bikini wax to prevent skin irritation. This dress was a go-to of mine for travel, appointments, and cozy days throughout the summer.

So what about the pain? Well, I’m not going to say it didn’t hurt. It’s a sensitive area and as you may know with your brows, sensitive areas definitely can be tender during and after a wax. They also say that the first time is the most painful because the hair grows back thinner after your first wax and then waxes off easier. And you’re just more prepared for what you’re in for. There were definitely spots that were more painful than others, but I did my best to remain comfortable and not try to anticipate the pain. If you’re not relaxed, then you’re clenching your muscles and that could make it worse. It may sound odd, but Monica and I chatted the whole time about life and my trip to Miami so it helped to keep me distracted and calm.

After the wax, they recommended staying out of the sun and going swimming or taking a bath for the first 24 hours to avoid further skin irritation or possible infection. I didn’t experience any issues besides tenderness after the fact, and I made sure to go a few days before I needed to be on the beach or by the pool to allow any redness to subside.

Monica also recommended using the Apricot Oil Body Polish from Haven & Blythe to gently exfoliate and moisturize the skin after the wax to help prevent ingrown hairs. Besides the delightful scent, the body polish was perfect and super easy to use. It kept my skin soft and moisturized as it recovered from the wax. I definitely felt more confident getting into a bathing suit during my trip to Miami and any summer poolside adventures in the few weeks after!

I can’t say enough good things about my experience and the staff at High Brow Boutique! They’re always welcoming, professional, and provide a great service experience. Though I did receive this service complimentary, all opinions on my experience are my own.

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