I Said Hi Brows at High Brow

When I was a little girl, I remember going to an exhibition at the county fairgrounds with my family. While I was there, I got a caricature done of me and I was so excited. He made sure to get all of the important details – my earrings, my beaded bracelets, and my go-to Limited Too tee. One thing he forgot – my eyebrows.

It wasn’t until I got home that I was looking at my face and wondering what was missing. When I realized that my caricature didn’t have any eyebrows, I ran to a mirror to make sure mine were still there. They were, but upon further examination, I could see why he forgot about them. They, like the rest of my hairs, are super light. I was still embarrassed and had my older brother draw them in, though they ended up much darker than the rest of the drawing, so they, unlike my own brows, definitely stood out on my face.

After that experience, I didn’t really pay much attention to my brows. I’d give them the occasional tweeze or get them waxed very sporadically to clean up some randos, but as far as brow maintenance and care, that was about it. For 20 years, I didn’t do anything to make them standout, like they did in that caricature.

Brow trends come and go, so there were times when my brows would be much thinner, and with the natural, full brow trend right now, I let them go a little thicker. One thing I didn’t realize during all of my tweezing is that I was taking too much off of the center, so they weren’t beginning near the bridge of my nose where they should be.

Earlier this year, I was able to try out the Ultimate Brow experience at High Brow Boutique in Whitefish Bay! This service involved having my eyebrows mapped out and shaped based on my bone structure. Working with the High Brow professional, Shannon, I realized that I need to spend some time letting my brows grow back in so they were aligned to the bridge of my nose. Once they were all mapped out, Shannon shaped and filled in my brows using the Billion Dollar Brows products, and showed me how I could do so at home!

I admitted to Shannon that I hadn’t previously done much to my brows besides tweezing to make them standout as apart of my makeup routine. She had a great point when she said she considers the brows to be a frame for your eyes and face! Since I spend time applying my eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara to beautify my eyes, it only makes sense to include my brows in that routine as well.

I had such a great experience, I’ve been back a few times to see Shannon at High Brow Boutique for a wax and check-in to see my progress with my brows! I’ve also used the Billion Dollar Brow products to fill in my brows at home from time to time. Since I’ve started working on letting certain parts of my brows grow back in, it has been kind of awkward but thankfully, my brows are light enough that it doesn’t look too weird. My brows, like my skin or eyelashes or hair or nails, deserve to be taken care of and showcased in a way that’s natural and fits in with my normal makeup routine. I’m still getting used to the fuller look when I fill them in, but the Billion Dollar Brow products that I have are so easy to use and match my coloring that it’s not too drastic, not like the brows my brother added on to my childhood caricature.

I’m not sure if I’ll get there, but I’ve considered trying the tinting service, once my brows are fully grown in, or maybe microblading to make my brows a bit more impactful with less for me to do daily to make them so! I’d love to hear your tips for maintaining your perfect brow, or let me know your questions or concerns about saying Hi Brow to your brows!

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